Original Antique Vegetable Crate (Box) Labels

Vegetable labels are usually found in two sizes 7" x 9" and 7" x 5". Quite often the smaller size will carry the same size image as the large Vegetable Label. The shift to cardboard cartons came later to vegetables, so in general veggie labels are later than most citrus, apples and pears. Zip codes (started in the 1960's) are more prevalent on them for instance.

Type Codes:
V=Veg. 7" x 9", Vs=Veg. 6-1/2" x 5", Vo=Veg. Oval 8" x 5-1/2", L=Lettuce 7" x 9", S=Asparagus 8" top, 10" bottom by 9" height, Y=Yams 9" x 9", Cr=Cranberries 10" x 7"

* = Slight damage from water, mildew, or fracture

BAROSSO, Type: S, $2.
Stock asparagus label, imprinted Barosso

BEAR, Type: Vs, $2.
Grizzly Bear holding state of Calif., lge. orange logo (Oceano)

BEAUTY Ref.Beans, Type: Can, $3.
6-1/2x10" r,wh,blu, 6lb can label, plate of grn bns (Newark,NY)

BEST CHOICE, Type: Vs, $3.
Brunette with flapper hairdo in red circle, blue bkgd (San Jose)

BIG CITY, Type: S, $2.
Skyline, tall buildings, orange bkgd., definitely not (Sacramento)

BIG JACK, Type: S, $2.
Big Jack (Red Ryder?) holding crate of asparagus (Quincy,WA)

BIG PATCH, Type: V, $8.
Boy, patched trousers & dog look at veggie patch (Watsonville)

BIG WESTERN, Type: Vs, $2.
Cowboy on horse, desert ranch, cactus, sunset (Guadalupe)

BIKINI, Type: Vs, $3.
Tanned bathing beauty, beach, yello teensy weensy Bikini (Oceano)

BRONCO (Artichk), Type: Art., $6.
Bucking Bronco; cowboy rider fanning with hat; blu bkgd.; quality artichokes (Castroville)

BRONCO BUSTER, Type: Vs, $2.
Red-shirted cowboy, bucking horse, yello let. on blue bkg (Castroville)

CAPITAL GAIN, Type: V, $2.
Red/yello 3-D script logo, stack of gold coins (Guadalupe)

CAPITAL PAK, Type: S, $2.
1940's view of California capitol bldg. before addition (Sacramento)

CHALLENGER, Type: V, $2.
Red silhouette: cowboy on bucking bronc, white circle, blue bkgd (Salinas)

CHAMP, Type: Y, $2
Redshirted player, carrying football-sized yam (Louisiana)

CHEERIO, Type: V, $2.
Dapper, monocled gent, top hat, wh. script, red bkgd (Salinas)

CHICKIE, Type: S, $4.
Yellow baby chick on blue bkgd., lge. asparagus bunch (SF)

COIN, Type: S, $2.
Stacks of gold and silver coins on black background (SF)

CONESTOGA, Type: V, $3.
Ornate red lett.,Conestoga wagon, oxen, mts (Watsonville)

CREME de Menthe, Type: S, $2.
Plain dark green label with white and red lettering (SF)

CYCLONE, Type: Vs, $2.
Large funnel cloud over farm, bending trees, yell.3-D lett (Texas)

DAILY, Type: Vo, $2.
Calendar bkgd.,red/white o/l script "Daily"; green peas (Hood)

DEER VALLEY (L), Type: V, $3.
5-pt. buck overlooks vista of farms, homes, mts (Glendale, AZ)

DEER VALLEY (s), Type: Vs, $2.
5-pt. buck overlooks vista of farms, homes, mts (Glendale, AZ)

DOE - Carrots, Type: V, $3.
Deer,star,baseball,"Strictly Big League"JoeD.Maggio (Holtville)

DOMINATOR, Type: V, $2.
WWII fighter dives, shoots tracers from wings, nose (Watsonville)

EV-A-GREEN, Type: S, $2.
Large green bunch of asparagus, glimpse of farms in bkgd (Sacto)

FRISCO*, Type: V, $2.
Light beams from top of Ferry Building. (sl. water dmg.) (Salinas)

G, Type: S, $3.
Big blue 3-D "G", orange bkgd,(Gwerder & sons) (Walnut Grove)

GARDEN GATE, Type: Vs, $3.
Golden Gate Bridge "Gateway to valley of green gold" (Salinas)

GARDEN VALLEY, Type: Vs, $3.
Pretty sunrise view of veggie fields, hills, mountains, orange colored sky (San Jose)

GAY JOHNNY, Type: Vs, $3.
Barefoot boy, suspenders, cowboy hat, red bkgd (Weslaco,TX)

GIANT, Type: L, $2.
Brown Giant holding crate under muscular right arm (Salinas)

GLAMOUR GIRL, Type: Art., $3.
Green bkgd.,pretty lady with hair up, earrings (Half Moon Bay)

GLAMOUR GIRL, Type: Vs, $3.
Long-haired blond, flowers in hair, looks over shoulder (S.F.)

GLENDORA - Veg., Type: Can, $2.
Can label (6x10) white, dk blu logo, nice veggies (Warren,PA)

GOLD RIM, Type: Vs, $2.
Vista of bay, boats, blu bkgd., red logo (Weslaco, TX)

GULF, Type: Vs, $2.
Blue circle: view of gulf, red bkgd. 4.5x7" (Weslaco, TX)

HAPPY HERM, Type: Vs, $3.
Cartoon sailor with eye patch and parrott, smiles, salutes (Guadalupe)

HAVE ONE!, Type: Vo, $2.
Blk. bkgd., yel/red 3-D lett.,lady's hand with grn. peas (Courtland)

HIS NIBS, Type: V, $2.
Little boy driving fire truck, monkey falls off, blue bkgd (Salinas)

HOT BRAND, Type: V, $5.
Cowboys branding calf; desert scene, mountains (Guadalupe)

JERRY, Type: V, $2.
Laughing boy w/smiling dog, blu bkgd., yello title (Watsonville)

KING OLIVER, Type: S, $2.
Stylized crown of asparagus spears, green, black, white (S.F.)

KING PELICAN, Type: L, $3.
Real Winner! Green pelican wearing crown, blk. bkgd (Clarksburg)

KING PELICAN (ov), Type: Vo, $2.
Great Pelican image, this time oval shaped label; green peas (Sac'to)

KING PELICAN (sm), Type: Vs, $2.
Same Pelican image as lettuce, but half as tall (Sacramento)

KING'S CADETS, Type: S, $2.
Marching cadets, green tunics, white pants, red stripe (Clarksburg)

KING'S DIET, Type: Vo, $2.
Pods bursting w/gr. peas, wh. title, oval pink bkgd (Sacramento)

KINGFISH, Type: S, $4.
Super jumping large-mouth bass wearing crown (Sacramento)

KINGFISH (ov), Type: Vo, $2.
Gold crowned bass jumps out of water; oval pea label (Sacramento)

KREME de KOKE, Type: V, $3.
Ice skating lady, white fur-lined skating costume. Cool (Salinas)

LION, Type: L, $2.
Majestic Lion, red base, blu bkgd., wh. title, 1925 (Watsonville)

LITTLE B, Type: Vs, $2.
Cartoon smiling bee; Yellow lett., red bkgd (Salinas)

MAGGIO, Type: S, $3.
Indian chief stands on mountain, hand raised, nice design (Lodi)

MUSTANG, Type: V, $2.
White Mustang kicks up dust. Wh. logo on blk (Guadalupe)

NOB HILL, Type: Vs, $2.
Small view of fabled rich S.F. skyline, yello lett., blk. bkgd (S.F.)

Same stock label as Ev A Green; lge bunch of asparagus (Rio Vista)

OH, YES! We grow, Type: S, $2.
White triangle, red lettering, "We grow the best!", DiGiorgio (S.F.)

PINTO, Type: V, $2.
Vaquero spinning lariat, rides Pinto, grn logo on blk (Castroville)

PLENTI GRAND, Type: V, $6.
Sexy young blonde woman, yell. script, red & blk (Watsonville)

PRIDE of the RIVER, Type: S, $6.
Large, early paddlewheel steamer on Sacramento River (Locke)

PROGRESS, Type: S, $3.
View of skyline under S.F.- Oakland Bay Bridge (San Francisco)

RIVER LAD, Type: S, $2.
Nice drawing of Dutch boy near mill, river (L.A.)

RIVER MAID, Type: S, $4.
Dutch girl beside river (canal), boat, windmill, zip code (Lodi)

ROYAL BRUCE, Type: V, $2.
Red plaid bkgd., gold coat of arms, white/blu lett (Salinas)

SAFE HIT(sm), Type: Vs, $2.
Baseball slugger (same image size as above) label smaller (TX)

SANTA MARIA, Type: V, $4.
Steam train chugs reefer cars past veggie field (Santa Maria)

SKEEZER, Type: V, $2.
Cute blonde girl (~8) in pigtails, White logo, blue bkgd (Salinas)

Springtime MAGIC, Type: S, $4.
Band of brownie-like folks harvesting asparagus (Middle River)

STARLET, Type: Vs, $2.
Pretty movie Starlet, searchlights, stars, blk. bkgd (Santa Maria)

STILLWATER, Type: Vs, $2.
Blue water, green grass, silhouette trees,yel. o/l lett (Hood)

SUTTER MAID, Type: S, $2.
Large gold letters on black bkgd., asparagus, blue goose logo

1920's style flapper in oval vignette, white title on blu bkgd (L.A.)

TALK of the TOWN, Type: S, $2.
White letters arch over grn asparagus bunch on blk bkgd (S.F.)

TOT, Type: V, $2.
Ass'td veggies, blu bkgd., small vignette of baby (Watsonville)

UN-NAMED Aspar., Type: S, $2.
Stock label shows fields in bkgd., bunch of asparagus foreground

UN-Named Carrots, Type: V, $2.
Bunch of four perfect carrots, view of fields, hills, no lettering

UN-Named Peas, Type: Vs, $2.
Bunch of green pea pods above fields and mountains, blank

UN-NaStrawberries, Type: Vs, $2.
Six strawberries on a vine, blank yellow space for packer impr

UN-NaVegetables, Type: V, $2.
Vista of valley with fields of green, river, mts., clouds

UP-N-ATOM, Type: V, $3.
Fierce cartoon Rabbit (like Bugs) w/boxing gloves (Watsonville)

VICTOR Macaroni, Type: ?, $2.
Label shows building in yellow & black on red bkgd

WESTERN HOE, Type: V, $5.
Great image of kid in big hat carrying hoe to fields (Salinas)

WHITE HOUSE, Type: V, $4.
Oval vignette of White House (D.C.)Nice basket veggies (L.A.)

WHITE STAR, Type: V, $2.
Red bkgd.,blue circle, White Star & lettering (L.A.

WINSOM Tomato, Type: Can, $3.
6-1/2x10" white 6lb can label, lge red tom, red tr (Newark,NY)

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