Original Antique Pear Crate (Box) Labels

After Citrus and Apples, the Pear label is the choice for framing and displaying. In fact because of local pride, pear growing regions like the Sacramento River and the Rogue Valley in Oregon are far more interested in collecting examples of pears than either apples or citrus. Pear Labels measure about 8" x11", and most pears are grown in California, Oregon and Washington. Again, there is a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Type Codes:
P=California Pear, Pw=Washington, Pa=Australia, Po=Oregon, BA=Blue Anchor logo
Label Sizes: All approximately 8" x 11"

* = Slight damage from water, mildew, or fracture

401, Type: Po, $2.
Large white 3-D figures 401 shaded red, blue bkgd (Medford)

A, Type: P, $2.
Lge."A" rt., pears left, pale grn. bkgd (San Juan Bautista)

AIRDROME, Type: P, $2.
Shaded letters"Airdrome", yellow to white, blue bkgd.(San Jose)

Orange bkgd. w/dk. blue silhouette, lady in bonnet (L.A.)

ANACO -Blue, Type: P, $2.
Blue background, white"Anaco", single pear (S.F.)

ANACO - Red, Type: P, $2.
Red background,"Anaco", (Austr., N.Z., Amer. Tdng Co.) (S.F.)

AUBURN, Type: P, $4.
Black bkgd.,2 ripe pears, green lett o/l in red. 46 lb (Auburn)

BIG CITY, Type: P, $2.
Skyline of tall buildings on orange background (Sacramento)

BIG CITY Placerv., Type: P, $2.
Skyline: tall buildings; lge., yello script Placerville (Sacramento)

BIG CITY Sacto., Type: P, $2.
Skyline of tall buildings on orange background (Sacramento)

BIG GAME, Type: P, $8.
Cal stadium view in big football.Stanford runner (Walnut Grove)

BLAZING STAR, Type: P, $5.
Yellow flower in center box on brilliant blue bkgd (Kelseyville)

BLUE ANCHOR, Type: P, $2.
Calif.Fruit Exch. trade mark: 6" yel.bkgd,bl Anchor (Sacramento)

BLUE CIRCLE - Pl, Type: P, $2.
Blue Circle, left center.Placerville pears at rt Pac.Frt.Exch (S.F.)

BLUE FLAG, Type: P, $2.
Outline of label is blue flag, white letters above pears (S.F.)

BLUE GOOSE, Type: P, $2.
Orange background with silhouette of Blue Goose (Lodi)

BUCKINGHAM, Type: P, $8.
Cowboy, chaps rides bucking pig (ham) orange bgd.(Vacaville)

BUY THE BEST, Type: P, $3.
View; central valley w/orchard & mts., beige bkgd (Sacramento)

BUY THE BEST, Type: P, $2.
Blue ribbon tied into bow, black background (Sacramento)

CALIF. Mtn. Pears, Type: P, $7.
Ornate gold lett. over pears & Blue Anchor logo,1912.(Penryn)

CAMEL, Type: P, $3.
Camel & driver in desert sunrise, Arab kneeling (Loomis)

CAPITAL PAK, Type: P, $2.
Calif. State Capitol bldg. 1940's, red & yel. logo on blue (Sacto)

CAPITAL PAK(Mt.), Type: P, $2.
Same as above, except "Mountain Bartletts" overprint (Sacto)

CASCADE (gp), Type: Pw, $2.
Smiling boy holds pear; blue bkgd.,wh.lett.;gift pack.(Cashmere)

CASCADIAN, Type: Pw, $4.
Winter scene; river, mountains, snowy trees; pear (Wenatchee)

CHEKOLA, Type: Pw, $12.
Vista of the "wide hollow in the Yakima Valley",early (Yakima)

COLFAX, Type: P, $3.
Large white "Colfax" on blue, 3 pears on branch at left (Colfax)

COLFAX F.G.Assn., Type: P, $4.
Two-tone, cream & brown bkgd., vig. of mts., 2 pears (Colfax)

COVERED Wagon 2, Type: P, $4.
Oxen, covered wagon with outrider, very western (Newcastle)

DENISON'S Crest, Type: Pw, $2.
Stylized beige letters on blue, "Denison's Crest" (Wenatchee)

DI GIORGIO, Type: P, $2.
Packer "Di Giorgio" in white on dark blue, 2 pears, center (S.F.)

DIABLO GOLD, Type: P, $2.
Plain yellow & red "Diablo" on blue background (Sacramento)

DIAMOND, Type: Po, $2.
Mt Hood & valley in photo bkgd., red logo, blu sky (Hood River)

DIAMOND "S", Type: P, $6.
2 Palomino horses, blu Diamond "S" brand, pears; 46lbs.(Hood)

DON JUAN, Type: P, $4.
White logo, red diag., vista, pear, blk. bkgd (San Juan Bautista)

DON'T WORRY, Type: Pw, $4.
Little blond boy w/big eyes looks rt.; blk bkgd.,blu logo.(Yakima)

DONNER, Type: P, $5.
Spectacular view from Donner Summit toward lake (Auburn)

DOUBLE EAGLE, Type: P, $10.
Pears in center, intricate gold designs on blue bkgd (San Jose)

DUCKWALL - Blue, Type: Po, $3.
Colorful duck standing by brick wall, blue bkgd (Hood River)

DUCKWALL -Red, Type: Po, $3.
Colorful duck standing by brick wall, red bkgd (Hood River)

DUCKWALL - Yel, Type: Po, $15.
Colorful duck standing by stone wall, yello bkgd (Hood River)

EAGLE, Type: P, $3.
Large pears on right, tiny eagle on left (Santa Clara)

EATUM, Type: Pw, $3.
2 yellow pears on branch, blk. bkgd., yellow title (Yakima)

EL RIO ORCHARD, Type: P, $2.
All on blue flag bkgd., white title, pears in center (S.F.)

ELITE, Type: Pw, $2.
Stylized white script logo on 2-tone blu bkgd (Wenatchee)

ELMWOOD, Type: P, $2.
Pears center over red"Elmwood" on grn. panel, blu bkgd. Blue Anchor (Sacramento)

Clean design; pears, waterfront scene, white bkgd (San Jose)

EMERALD Beauty, Type: Pw, $8.
Senorita with guitar sings; 2 green birds (Wenatchee)

ENSIGN, Type: Po, $5.
Blue flag, white diamond, pear, red bkgd, 42 lbs (Portland)

ENSIGN, Type: Po, $5.
Red flag, white diamond, pear, pink bkgd., 42 lbs (Portland)

ENSIGN, Type: PO, $5.
Dk. blue flag, white diamond, pear, pink bkgd., 42 lbs.(Portland)

FAR WEST, Type: Pw, $3.
Hunter silhouette against setting sun at Pacific shore (Seattle)

FOOTHILLS, Type: Po, $3.
Early scene of orch, mts., pears; white logo on red.(Rogue River)

Lt. blue script logo, photo 3 pears, holly, blk. bkgd.(Sacramento)

FRUIT BOWL, Type: Pw, $6.
Cut-glass bowl with 5 kinds fruit; blue bkgd (Selah)

GEM, Type: P, $2.
3-D letters "Gem" above large pear on blue (Sacramento)

GOLD CIRCLE, Type: P, $2.
Similar to Blue Circle, above, except color. Suisun Valley (S.F.)

GOLD CREST, Type: P, $2.
Deco style letters "Gold Crest"above DiGiorgio shield (S.F.)

GOLD CREST (s-f), Type: P, $3.
White arched lettering above Simons & French crest (Sac'to)

GOLD WING, Type: P, $6.
Dramatic blk. bkgd., white title, gold winged pears (Sonoma)

GOLDEN BOSC, Type: Po, $3.
Late 1930's yellow streamline train,"Bosc"above (Medford)

GOLDEN RANGE, Type: P, $2.
Simple yellow/red shaded lett. on blu bkgd. Pac. Frt. Exch.(S.F.)

GOLDEN ROD, Type: Pw, $4.
Beautiful flowers on black 1920's design (Yakima)

GOLDEN SPUR, Type: Pw, $2.
Name coiled in cowboy rope around single gold spur (Yakima)

HAVE ONE !, Type: P, $2.
Photo-image of hand offering pear; bl. lett., blk. bkgd.(Courtland)

HERMAN Fluegge, Type: Pw, $14.
Stock pear #947: pears, valley, orchards, home, mts (Yakima)

HI - TONE, Type: Pw, $20.
Nice old stock pear label; 4 pears, ornate view: valley, orchards, mountain (Spokane)

HIGH HAND - Old, Type: P, $3.
Hand holding four aces under lge. "High Hand", Early (Loomis)

HIGH HAND - Zip, Type: P, $2.
Hand holding four aces under lge."High Hand" Zip # (Loomis)

HIGH HILL, Type: P, $3.
Blue bkgd., yellow "old time" title; very plain, Zip (Placerville)

HIGH SPOT, Type: P, $2.
Black bkgd., red & white 3-D "High Spot" slanted (Sacramento)

HUSTLER, Type: P, $3.
An all-time favorite: smiling newsboy selling papers (Courtland)

HY - LAND - KIDS, Type: Pw, $15.
Stock pear #947: pears, valley, orchards, home, mts (Cowiche)

HY - TONE, Type: Pw, $4.
Peacock up lft; ornge 3-d logo; 42lb o/p; blk. bkgd (Wenatchee)

INDEPENDENT -B, Type: Pw, $3.
Liberty Bell, panel,"Northwest Pears", Blu bkgd (Yakima)

INDEPENDENT -R, Type: Pw, $3.
Liberty Bell, panel,"Northwest Pears", Red bkgd (Yakima)

INDEPENDENT-W, Type: Pw, $3.
Liberty Bell, panel,"Northwest Pears", White bkgd (Yakima)

INDEPENDENTgp, Type: Pw, $3.
Liberty Bell, panel,"Northwest Pears", Blu bkgd.,1/2 bu.(Yakima)

JIM HILL, Type: Pw, $5.
Portrait of RR builder (Great Northern), pears, mts (Wenatchee)

JIM WADE (G), Type: Pw, $2.
Diagonal format for type-only label from 1930's,grn(Wenatchee)

KEYSTONE Brand, Type: Pw, $3.
Blue bkgd., ribbon, "Keystone Fruit Co.", red keystone (Entiat)

LAKE Co Diamond, Type: P, $2.
Shimmering diamond with pear at center (Finley)

LAKE COVE, Type: P, $5.
Another view of Clear Lake, with bank fisherman (Finley)

LAKE RIDGE, Type: P, $5.
Pretty view shows lake, mtns, orch, pears, red logo (Kelseyville)

Lake Wenatchee 1, Type: Pw, $3.
Mts., lake with log cabin, 3 pears, blu bkgd, yel lett (Cashmere)

Lake Wenatchee 2, Type: Pw, $3.
Mts., lake with log cabin, 3 pears, brn bkgd, yel lett (Cashmere)

LUXOR, Type: Pw, $3.
Big red Maltese cross, white lett., blu bkgd (Wenatchee)

MAD RIVER, Type: Pw, $3.
White-water rapids, red logo, pear photo (Entiat)

MAGGIO*, Type: P, $7.
Red/orange script, blu bkgd, red shield, blu ribbon, pears (Lodi)

MAJESTIC, Type: Pw, $2.
Blk. bkgd., white lett., royal crown, robe (Yakima)

Maltese Cross (B), Type: Po, $3.
White bkgd., blue lettering, blue Maltese Cross, ctr (Medford)

Maltese Cross (R), Type: Po, $3.
White bkgd., red lettering, red Maltese Cross, ctr (Medford)

MARYKA, Type: P, $3.
Portrait of girl in white turban, gold ornaments (Kelseyville)

Mc CURDY, Type: P, $3.
Night scene; moon over Lick observ., Mt.Hamilton (San Jose)

McCORMACK, Type: P, $4.
Red & black checkered bkgd., yellow "McCormack" (Walnut Gr.)

MENDO MOUNT, Type: P, $2.
Snowy mountain peak, pine forest, pears at sides (Ukiah)

MODOC (Blk), Type: Po, $3.
Indian chief, arms extended; white logo, blk.bkgd (Medford)

MODOC (R), Type: Po, $3.
Indian chief, arms extended; white logo on red bkgd (Medford)

MOPAC, Type: Po, $3.
Curved white "Mopac" above indian portrait, blu. bkgd.(Medford)

MOUNTAIN, Type: Po, $10.
Fine vista of Mountain, canyon, redwoods, pears;42# (Portland)

MT. KONOCTI, Type: P, $8.
Indian chief (Konocti) raises hands to Mountain (Kelseyville)

MT. LASSEN, Type: P, $5.
Smoking Lassen volcano during 1915 eruption (Hamilton City)

MT. SHASTA, Type: P, $5.
Excellent graphic; Shasta at head of Sacto. Valley (Ham. City)

MY-O-MY, Type: P, $2.
Random letters"My-O-My",white & red on blue; 46 lbs (S.F.)

NANPAK - G, Type: Po, $2.
Logo on brass plaque, yellow-gold, green bkgd (Medford)

NANPAK - R, Type: Po, $2.
Logo on brass placque, red background (Medford)

NAPEX, Type: Pw, $2.
Brand for Northwest Apple Exporters, mostly r/w/b (Yakima)

NATOMAS, Type: P, $4.
Lt. blue bkgd., mod. vignette, orchards, mts (Rancho Cordova)

NOB HILL, Type: P, $5.
Skyline view of the City, showing this S.F. district (S.F.)

OH YES!, Type: P, $2.
White triangle, red lett.:"Oh Yes! We Grow the Best" (Marysville)

OLD GOLD, Type: Po, $2.
Red bkgd., blue panel, yello logo, Old Gold pears (Medford)

OLD ORCHARD, Type: P, $5.
Overall gold bkgd., blk. illust. trees, kids, red logo (Santa Clara)

ONEONTA, Type: Pw, $3.
3 green pears on branch, blk bkgd, wh. lett.,red o/l (Wenatchee)

ORCHARD Lt. blu., Type: Pw, $5.
Nice stock design; vista w/orchards & mts., pears,lt.blu.(Yakima)

Oregon Orchards, Type: Po, $15.
Great comic duck with umbrella, ca. 1940's (Medford)

"OUR PICK", Type: P, $2.
Red bkgd., white lett., chicken pecking pan (Loomis)

OUT of the WEST, Type: P, $8.
Ancient ship sails sunlit ocean, pennants flying (Santa Clara)

PACIFIC, Type: Pw, $15.
Shield inset of White fleet; red/blk bkgd.;2 pears (Seattle)

PEACOCK (L), Type: P, $5.
Large, vivid Peacock, blk bkgd.Blue Anchor, zip# (Sacramento)

PEAR KING, Type: Pw, $22.
Cartoon smiling pear with gold crown, blue bkgd (Yakima)

PEAR TIME, Type: Pw, $2.
3 pears on branch; blue bkgd., yello lett (Naches)

PETE'S BEST, Type: Po, $5.
Boy with blond hair, big smile, black title, ivory bkgd (Yakima)

PIC-O-PAC, Type: Po, $9.
Dog with big smile, circle logo for Pinnacle Packing (Medford)

PIGGY PEARS, Type: Po, $3.
Cute cartoon of Piggy going to mkt. w/basket of pears (Medford)

PINNACLE, Type: Po, $4.
Scenic view, Pinnacle rock, rest of canyon in bkgd (Medford)

PIONEER Orch. B, Type: Po, $4.
Blue bkgd., center circle with covered wagon (Medford)

PIONEER Orch. R, Type: Po, $4.
Red bkgd., center circle with covered wagon (Medford)

PIONEER Sp Pack, Type: P, $2.
Shield, flanked by leafy pears, horse, circle TM (Sacramento)

Placerville Dartlnd., Type: P, $2.
Blue bkgd., yello lett., "PLACERVILLE DARTLAND" (Placerville)

PLACERVILLE (pl), Type: P, $8.
3-D wood-grain letters screwed on red plaid bkgd (Placerville)

POLLY, Type: P, $15.
Parrot on perch at left, slanted "Polly", gold on black (S.F.)

POPPY (CA), Type: P, $3.
Small Calif. poppy at left, pears rt., blu bkgd (Santa Clara)

PRIDE of the River, Type: P, $6.
Colorful scene from past, Sacramento River boat, 1920's(Locke)

QUAIL, Type: P, $8.
State bird in gorgeous color, 1919 Blue Anchor. (Sacramento)

QUERCUS Ranch, Type: P, $5.
Vista of orchards, lake, hills, large pear & oak tree (Kelseyville)

RANCHERIA, Type: P, $4.
Indian village, teepees, rider in head feathers, squaw (Suisun)

RED MOON, Type: P, $5.
Huge Red Moon rising over blue Mendocino County mts.(Ukiah)

REPETITION, Type: Pw, $4.
Boys on box label, repeated 3 times in optical illusion (Yakima)

RIVER MAID, Type: P, $3.
Dutch girl beside canal with windmill, boat sailing past (Lodi)

ROGUE (B), Type: Po, $2.
Blk.bkgd.,blue circle, white lett., ROGUE brand Pears (Medford)

ROGUE (G), Type: Po, $2.
Blk.bkgd.,green circle, white lett., ROGUE brand Pears(Medford)

ROSE GOLD, Type: P, $3.
Vista of orchards in the "Golden Empire" around (Yuba City)

ROSE PEARS, Type: Pw, $3.
Pink Roses, grn. leaves on dk. blue, white logo (Wenatchee)

ROSE PEARS(W), Type: Pw, $4.
Same art, except better printing, J.M.Wade packer (Wenatchee)

SANCLAR, Type: P, $2.
Blue gradations in bkgd, 2 pears, dk blu lett (San Jose)

SCOTTY'S BEST, Type: Pw, $7.
Scotty dog bursting through Plaid bkgd.,wh. lett (Dryden)

SHUREGOOD (B), Type: Pw, $2.
Gold bkgd., blue script,"Suregood Pears" (Yakima)

SHUREGOOD (G), Type: Pw, $2.
Green bkgd., blue script,"Suregood Pears" (Yakima)

SHUREGOOD (R), Type: Pw, $2.
Gold bkgd., red script,"Suregood Pears" (Yakima)

SMILING THRU, Type: P, $8.
Sharp little sailor boy salutes; life preserver, blue bkgd., 46 lbs., BA (Sacramento)

SNO-FED, Type: Pw, $7.
Old litho shows flume, water from snowy mts (Wenatchee)

SNOBOY, Type: Pw, $35.
Snowman in top hat 1925 waves from behind pear (Seattle)

SNOW CREST, Type: P, $3.
Vista of orchards, snowy mts, redwoods, farm house.(Marysville)

SNOW OWL, Type: Pw, $4.
Large white Owl on blue bkgd., lge. 1920's shaded lett.(Yakima)

STAGECOACH, Type: Po, $3.
Red or green base, horses & stagecoach, orchards (Medford)

STAR LINE, Type: P, $2.
Shaded orange bkgd, dk blu lett., 5 stars across (Kelseyville)

STAR POINT, Type: P, $2.
Blue bkgd., white script "Star Point", yello 5 ptd. star.(Kelseyville)

STATUE, Type: P, $2.
Torch of Statue of Liberty raised into yellow lettering (Suisun)

SUMMIT, Type: P, $3.
Snow-covered mts., pine forest, orchard, yellow logo (Colfax)

SUN SMILE (Blu), Type: P, $5.
Smiling Sun's rays radiate thru script lett.,Blue Anchor (Colfax)

SUN SMILE Calex, Type: P, $6.
Smiling sun's rays radiate thru script lett., Calex logo (Colfax)

SUN SMILE (Yel), Type: P, $5.
Smiling Sun's rays radiate thru script lett.,Blue Anchor (Colfax)

SUN SUGARED, Type: Po, $2.
Blk. bkgd., arched yello logo, pear photo, 1936 (Medford)

SWAN, Type: Pw, $4.
Very nice white Swan in 1920's design on black bkgd (Yakima)

T-HACHA-P, Type: P, $3.
Logo in sky; view of orchards and mts.; no prison (Sacramento)

TABLE ROCK, Type: Po, $3.
Pretty color photo of blooming orchard, rocks in bkgd (Medford)

TIE-IT-ON, Type: Pw, $5.
Dog with pear tied to tail running under logo from (Tieton, WA)

TOP CARD, Type: P, $2.
Ace of spades showing; stack of four cards, blue bkgd (Suisun)

TRADER, Type: Po, $2.
Blue bkgd., red panel, yello lett.,"Trader" (Medford)

TRITON (d), Type: Pw, $2.
King Neptune with triton, apple, pear, mts., sea (Yakima)

TULIP*, Type: Pw, $6.
Another pleasant design from '20's: 3 Tulips on black (Yakima)

UN-NAMED Pear, Type: P, $5.
Ornate stock design from 1920's, three pears on twig, stone litho

VIOLET, Type: Pw, $5.
Nice'20's design, same packer (Perham) as Tulip (Yakima)

WAGON TRAIN, Type: Po, $3.
Oxen pulling wagons across plains, red or blue bkgd (Medford)

WEBSTER, Type: Po, $2.
Blue bkgd., yello lett, spider web above (Hood River)

WEEKS, Type: Po, $5.
Red script logo slants up, pear on branch, blu bkgd (Trail)

Wenatch. Val. Frts., Type: Mi, $5.
Apple, peach, 2 apricots, yell oval; grn title, red border.(Orondo)

Wenatchee CHIEF, Type: Pw, $4.
Scowling Chief in full headdress, blue bkgd (Wenatchee)

WENOKA, Type: Pw, $5.
Profile of Indian brave/arrowhead; blue bkgd. '27 (Wenatchee)

WESTSIDE, Type: P, $4.
Orchard vista with palm tree at left, road in center, pear.(Penryn)

YUBA ORCHARD, Type: P, $2.
Blue flag bkgd, white lett. 2 pears, DiGiorgio (Marysville)

WESTSIDE, Type: P, $4.
Orchard vista with palm tree at left, road in center, pear.(Penryn)

YUBA ORCHARD, Type: P, $2.
Blue flag bkgd, white lett. 2 pears, DiGiorgio (Marysville)

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