Original Antique Lug Box Labels

Lug boxes are the shallower crates used for grapes and deciduous fruits (like apricots, peaches, plums, etc.) Quite a few pears were also packed in these smaller boxes, sometimes called L.A.Lugs. The majority of the Lug Box Labels are 4" x 13", but not all are that size. Cherry labels are usually somewhat smaller, while tomato and melon labels are a bit larger. These "strip" labels can be conveniently framed in groups of two or three at a time, to make a better proportioned decorative presentation.

Type Codes:
G=Grapes, C=Cherries, M=Melons, T=Tomatoes, Mi=Miscellaneous, P=Pears

Label Sizes: varied - many grapes are 4" x 13"

* = Slight damage from water, mildew, or fracture

A-OKAY, Type: Mi, $2.
Blasting rocket ship nears craters on moon in space (L.A.)

ABC, Type: G, $2.
Interesting graphic design, mostly geometric (Lodi)

ACAMPO Vineyards, Type: G, $2.
Or. & dk blu, w/small Blue Goose logo at center (Fullerton)

AIR KING, Type: G, $2.
4-prop cargo plane banks toward landing light (Lodi)

Full label wingspread of Eagle, sun's rays bkgd (N. Dinuba)

Shield with eagle perched on white "A" (Los Angeles)

AMERICANA, Type: G, $2.
Ornate blue lettering on red/white/blue banner (Kettleman)

ANDY BOY, Type: G, $2.
Yello 3-D lett.,dk.bkgd radiate from head of sm. boy.(Salinas)

ANGELINA-Blue, Type: G, $2.
Pretty, Italian lady holds basket of grapes (3 kinds) (Victor)

ANGELINA-Red, Type: G, $2.
Pretty, Italian lady holds basket of grapes (3 kinds) (Victor)

ANTHONY'S, Type: G, $2.
Arched: Anthony's Red Flame Seedless Grapes(Bakersfield)

ARENAS, Type: G, $2.
Red Carnations over white lettering on black bkgd (L.A.)

AUNTY, Type: Citr., $4.
Strip label: smiling black lady with blossoms.(Kissimmee,FL)

B & M, Type: G, $2.
3 Panels like flag of Italy: Lodi arch; Vin*Bon; Gondola (Lodi)

BABY MARIE, Type: G, $2.
Portrait of little girl, yel/red lett., brown/yel bkgd (Manteca)

BABY TURTLE, Type: G, $3.
Bare Baby riding turtle-back, red bkgd, grapes (Modesto)

BAGDAD, Type: G, $2.
Cute cartoon character; fits with Pasha & Mr. Grape (Mecca)

BASKET GRAPES C, Type: Gny, $2.
Red, white & blue New York State Concord Grapes (N.Y.)

BASKET GRAPES CE, Type: Gny, $3.
Ornate type,Concord grapes;Chautauq.&Erie.(Westfield, NY)

BASKET GRAPES CK, Type: Gny, $3.
C.K.S. Grape belt (map of 3 lakes) Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca.(Rochester, NY)

BASKET GRAPES CU, Type: Gny, $3.
Ornate red title, 3 colors grape bunches; Cupid picking to basket (Starkey, NY)

BASKET GRAPES SB, Type: Gny, $3.
Bunch Concord grapes on red star; Std.12qt .(Portland, NY)

BATTLE AXE, Type: G, $2.
Ancient weapon w/red ribbon, knight in armor, left (Sanger)

BAXTER, Type: G, $2.
Simple 3-D Letters, white with red, "Baxter" on blu (Lodi)

Two brown bears, vignette of orchards nr. mts (Reedley)

BEAR MT. CUB, Type: Mi, $3.
Laughing Bear Cub holds view of orchard, hills (Reedley)

BEAVER (Cherries), Type: C, $2.
Pic of Beaver on pond, cherries r & l, red bkgd (Victor)

BEAVER (Grapes), Type: G, $2.
Pic of Beaver on pond, grapes r & l, red bkgd (Victor)

BEAVER (Plums), Type: Plum, $2.
Pic of Beaver on pond, plums r & l, red bkgd (Victor)

BEAVER (Tokays), Type: G, $2.
Pic of Beaver on pond, grapes r & l, red bkgd.Tokays (Victor)

BELCANTO, Type: G, $2.
Night: Venice canal, gondolier strums mandolin (Modesto)

BELLA-NERA, Type: G, $2.
White lettering, red panel, blue zinfandel grapes (Lodi)

BELLO GRAPPO, Type: G, $2.
Grapes, pink wine in glass, gold lett; blu banner (Reedley)

BIG CHIEF - Tomato, Type: Tbc, $2.
Indian Chief, feathers, tomatoes, red/blu bkgd (Vernon,B.C.)

BIG CITY, Type: M, $2.
City skyline on orange bkgd. (Lambert horse) (Sacramento)

BIG CITY, Type: T, $2.
City skyline on orange bkgd. Lambert horse (Sacramento)

BIG STUMP, Type: G, $2.
Teeny tourist couple on huge sequoia stump (Woodlake)

BLACK BEAR, Type: G, $2.
Smiling Black Bear cranks wine press at sunset (Victor)

BLACK JOE (Older), Type: G, $2.
Old, bald Black man, white fringe, big smile, bandana (Lodi)

BLACK JOE (Plain), Type: G, $2.
Old, bald Black man, white fringe, big smile, bandana (Lodi)

BLUE BIRD, Type: G, $2.
Bright Blue Bird in flight, white script logo, red panel (Cutler)

BLUE BLOOD, Type: G, $2.
Red Lett. "Blue Blood", blu bkgd., sm. horse silhouette (L.A.)

BLUE FLAG, Type: P, $2.
Blue bkgd.,white lett., two big pears, Di Giorgio (Marysville)

BLUE GOOSE, Type: Mi, $2.
Orange bkgd.,Blue Goose silhouette (Penryn)

BLUE HOUND, Type: G, $2.
Blue dog (Greyhound) chases rabbit past farm (Reedley)

BLUE-X (S, M, L), Type: C,Mi,G, $2.
Large Blue X, wood grain bkgd, Blue Anchor logo (Loomis)

BOB WHITE, Type: A pa, $3.
Bob White sitting on log, red bkgd.,white lett (Stewartstown)

BOCCE, Type: G, $3.
Active Bocce ball game, jug, bread, cheese, salami (Lodi)

BREAKFAST BELLE, Type: Citrus, $4.
Black maid ringing bell at table set for breakfast.(Bartow, FL)

3-D lett., shades of orange & red, cherries, blu bkgd (Sacto)

Brentwood Aces (Apr), Type: Apr., $2.
3-D lett, shades of or. & red; 3 apricots, blu bkgd.(Brentwood)

BRITE BLOOM, Type: G, $2.
Two bunches of grapes, white & flame, blue bkgd (S.F.)

BROADWAY, Type: C, $2.
Red lett., gold bkgd.,cherries, N.Y. City skyline (Victor)

BROADWAY, Type: G, $2.
Red Lett.,gold bkgd, blu/grn"FlameTokayGrapes"(Dougherty)

BUCK ROCK, Type: G, $2.
Handsome Buck stands near high rock, red lett (Reedley)

BUENA VISTA, Type: G, $2.
"Good View" of vineyards (orchards), bunch grapes (Lodi)

C.D.PRUNER, Type: G, $2.
Large Flame Tokays at left, vista of valley, vineyards (Exeter)

C. MAGGIO, Type: Mi, $2.
Luscious background covered with color photo of fruit.(Lodi)

C.R.VAN BUSKIRK, Type: G, $2.
4 kinds (& colors) grapes, gold bkgd, white lett (Lodi)

Calif. Fruit Exchange, Type: Mi, $3.
Excellent litho; fruits, pear, peach, berries, plum (Loomis)

Winner, gold lett., great art, 5 frts + strwbrys.©1912 (Penryn)

Curved gold lett., 5 fruits, Blue Anchor logo, ©1912 (Penryn)

Smaller version of fancy gold lett.,5 frts.,Blue Anchor (Sacto)

CALIFORNIA Prunes, Type: Prune, $15.
Outstanding stone litho: prunes, peach, apricots (San Jose)

CAMEL, Type: C, $2.
Small cherry label, camel and arab in desert scene(Loomis)

CAPITAL PAK, Type: G, $2.
'40's view of Capitol building (Sacramento

CARL'S SPECIAL, Type: G, $2.
Sepia snapshot of little boy (Carl) tacked at left,grapes.(Lodi)

CARNATION, Type: G, $2.
Nice Carnations in 4 colors, brown bkgd., white lett (Fresno)

CASCADIAN, Type: Mi w, $2.
Apricots, cherries, arched white lett., blu bkgd (Wenatchee)

CHEROKEE, Type: G, $2.
3-D white/green letters, blu bkgd, pink Tokays (Acampo)

CINDERELLA, Type: G, $2.
White script on blue, Cinderella in ball gown (Beverly Hills)

CLEAR CUT, Type: T, $2.
2 red tomatoes, 3-D white logo, dk grn. shading (San Jose)

COLLINA, Type: G, $2.
Rolling hills covered with pretty vineyards, grapes (Lodi)

CORINTHIAN, Type: G, $2.
Sailboat slices through water; orange art deco lett (Exeter)

CORSAGE, Type: G, $2.
Nice gardenia tied w/pink ribbon, yello script, red bk (Exeter)

CORVETTE, Type: Mi, $2.
Warship steams through ocean waves; yello logo (Stockton)

COSI' BELLA, Type: G, $2.
"Cosi' Bella" in orange 3-D against purple bkgd (S.F.)

COT KING, Type: Apr., $2.
Orange letters, blk. bkgd., "O" formed by 1/2 apricot.(Yakima)

COVERED WAGON, Type: Mi, $2.
Oxen & Cov. Wagon, woman & child, outrider (Newcastle)

COVERED WAGON 2, Type: Mi, $2.
Oxen & Cov. Wagon, woman & kid, outrider; 17# (Newcastle)

CREME de MENTHE, Type: C, $2.
Solid green panel, white script, word "cherries" in red (S.F.)

CRIMSON KING, Type: G, $2.
Red old English lettering on black (S.F.)

CRYSTAL, Type: Mi, $2.
Orange bkgd., blue lett., sparkling crystal at left (Reedley)

DAILY, Type: T, $2.
Blk. bkgd.,3 red tomatoes, calendar, r&w script "Daily"(Hood)

DAISY, Type: Mi, $2.
3 White Daisies, yello lett. on blu above red band (Sanger)

DARTLAND, Type: Mi, $2.
Green lettering on gold with spear through name(Placerville)

DEB, Type: V, $2.
Extended 3-D shaded letters: DEB, yel/white/red on blue bkgd (Chula Vista)

DESERT RAT, Type: Mi, $3.
Wiry old prospector, corncob pipe. Desert, donkey (Fresno)

DON ROYAL, Type: G, $2.
Royal crown at left, yello/red lettering, dk blu bkgd (Fresno)

DUMONT, Type: G, $2.
3-D Art Deco lettering, Flame Tokay grapes (Victor)

DUMONT - Calif., Type: G, $2.
Stock Dumont style: wh. convex lett., red/blu bkgd.(Stockton)

DUMONT - Zinfandel, Type: G, $2.
Green/white script "Dumont" on dk. blu bkgd (Stockton)

DUTCH BOY, Type: Mi, $2.
Blue label, yellow lett; small dutch boy & windmill (Sanger)

`E DOLCE, Type: G, $2.
3-D white & red letters in arch on blue (Stockton)

E/P, Type: G, $2.
E/P brand on brown hide stretched over blue (Exeter)

EARL, Type: G, $2.
White lettering: EARL above gold crown, r&w grapes (S.F.)

EARL CROWN, Type: Mi, $2.
Dark blue label, gold lett; fancy crown at left, Earl flag (S.F.)

EAST WEST, Type: G, $2.
Red lett. across green map of U.S., little Lindy plane (Exeter)

EAST-SIDE, Type: G, $2.
3 kinds (& colors) grapes on blue, white lett. above (Lodi)

EKCO, Type: T, $2.
Boy shouting at cliff: "The brand that repeats" (Turlock)

ELK, Type: G, $3.
Nice Elk head, blue bkgd., white logo (Delano)

ELK BRAND Prunes, Type: Prune, $6.
Ornate, fancy label: Elk head center; red bkgd (Cupertino!)

ELKHORN, Type: G, $2.
Ornate yellow/red logo, elk with big rack of horns ctr (Lodi)

2 pears, harbor scene, orchard, blu bkgd.,wh.lett (San Jose)

EMBLEM, Type: G, $2.
Nice Calif. Poppies with white logo on black bkgd (Exeter)

EMERALD BAY, Type: G, $3.
View: Lake Tahoe, snow-covered Sierra,FlameTokays.(Lodi)

EXCLUSIVE, Type: G, $2.
Coat of arms w/lion, blk bkgd., white lett., red o/l (Reedley)

EXETER LILY, Type: G, $2.
White Lily on dark blue, with shaded title above (Exeter)

FAMOUS, Type: G, $2.
Man in Sombrero, Mission, black bkgd., white logo.(Reedley)

FANTASIA, Type: Mi, $2.
Dancing señorita, multi-colored "Fantasia", frt. bskt (Fresno)

FAT PAK, Type: G, $3.
Fat kid (Arbuckle?) pats stomach, admires fat crate.(Reedley)

FEDERAL, Type: Mi, $2.
Patriotic (red/white/blue) top hat in yello circle on blk(Fresno)

FIERY, Type: G, $2.
White & red 3-D letters arched on blue bkgd (Lodi)

FLASH, Type: G, $2.
Wh. logo on red, zig-zags to blu bkgd, sm. lighthouse(Cutler)

FLORITA, Type: G, $2.
Dancing Señorita with tamborine, white title on blk (Visalia)

FOOT HIGH (1) R-B*, Type: M, $2.
Blonde in red, high kick; prone position.Blk.bkgd.(Firebaugh)

FOOT HIGH (2) G-B, Type: M, $2.
Blonde in green, high kick; prone posit.Blk.bkgd.(Firebaugh)

FOOT HIGH (3) G-R, Type: M, $2.
Blonde in green, high kick; prone posit.Red bkgd(Firebaugh)

Blue Anchor logo, old-fashioned girl with cameo (Woodlake)

FREMONT, Type: G, $2.
White "Fremont" on blk., silhouette: soldier, sword (Exeter)

FRESNO BEST, Type: G, $3.
Farmer w/donkey cart; maps of CA, NY; City skyline (Fresno)

GAY COCK, Type: Mi, $4.
Bantam rooster struts w/cane & top hat, purple bkgd (L.A.)

GEM of the LAKE, Type: P, $2.
White block letters arched on dark blue (Sacramento)

GIANT TREE, Type: G, $2.
Sequoia tree with cars and people on trunk (Woodlake)

GOEHRING, Type: G, $2.
Vignette of packing shed, rail cars, grapes, prunes (Victor)

GOLD CREST, Type: Mi, $2.
Di Giorgio crest in gold at left, blu bkgd.,gold lett.(Marysville)

GOLD DREDGER, Type: Mi, $2.
Full scene of floating bucket dredge, gold mining.(Yuba City)

GOLD RUSH, Type: G, $2.
Gold pan, pick, shovel, nuggets (Tulare)

GOLD RUSH (B.A.), Type: G, $2.
Nuggets, blue anchor logo (Exeter)

GOLDEN BEAR, Type: Mi, $3.
Golden lettering arched over golden bear, blu bkgd (Mills)

Two fierce eagles in flight, white lett.,red/blu bkgd (Stockton)

GOLDEN GATE, Type: G, $2.
Red script, blue bkgd.,small sketch of G.G. bridge (Exeter)

GOLDEN TROUT, Type: G, $3.
Dynamic image of Golden Trout hooked on fly line (Exeter)

GOLDEN WEST, Type: G, $3.
View of Golden Gate(no bridge);Tokay grapes, prunes.(Lodi)

GOOD Year (Emp), Type: G, $2.
Four kinds (and colors) of grapes.Glossy finish (Rayo)

GOOD Year (Muscats), Type: G, $3.
Four kinds (and colors) of grapes. Stone litho (Rayo)

GRAB BAG, Type: Mi, $2.
3-D lettering "Grab Bag" on black background (Coachella)

HELL'S CANYON, Type: P, $2.
View of Hell's Canyon dam, Snake River; (Caldwell, ID)

HI - COLOR, Type: G, $2.
White lettering, blue bkgd, red & wh. grapes,Earl Frt.Co(S.F.)

HIGH HAND(11or 14"), Type: Mi, $2.
Hand holding four aces, red lettering on dark blue (Loomis)

HIGH SPOT, Type: T, $2.
White & red 3-D letters on black, Tracy/Patterson (Sacto)

HILLVIEW, Type: M, $2.
Full view of valley, white lettering diagonally across.(Turlock)

HOOKER, Type: Mi, $2.
Red label, bold yellow diagonal letters, blk outline (Reedley)

HUMDINGER, Type: M, $2.
Red script logo, yellow - green shaded bkgd (Somerton,AZ)

IVANHOE, Type: G, $2.
Big tomatoes tied to yellow IVANHOE tag, blk.bkgd.(Ivanhoe)

JEAN BRAND, Type: Vnc, $2.
Cute girl in pigtails; beans, squash, peppers, cukes; blue bkgd (Faison, NC)

JK Brand, Type: G, $2.
Lge. JK, vignette of house, rainbow rays from ctr (Victor)

JO-AN, Type: G, $2.
Trumpeting elephant on red seal, white/gr 3-D lett.(Stockton)

JO-JO, Type: M, $2.
Excellent clown, red & white face, blue collar (Somerton, AZ)

JOVISTA, Type: G, $2.
White lettering, blue bkgd, red & wh. grapes,Earl Frt.Co(S.F.)

KIM ELBERTA, Type: Mi, $2.
Simple view of hills at edge of valley, nat. colors (Vacaville)

KING OF COLOR, Type: Mi, $2.
Orange/yellow script on dark blue (Stockton)

KING VICTOR, Type: G, $2.
Gold crown, bunch of flame tokays, blue bkd (Victor)

KING'S RANSOM, Type: G, $2.
Ornate chest filled with gold coins, blu, yello lett (Indio)

LA PALOMA, Type: G, $2.
Grapes at left, colorful dove (la paloma) at right (Cutler)

LADY MARIE, Type: G, $2.
Large bunch of flame Tokays, red/white script (Escalon)

LADY ROWENA, Type: G, $2.
Lady on horse w/trappings, knights jousting (Ivanhoe)

LAKE COUNTY Pears, Type: P, $2.
Brown bkgd.,yello tree silhouettes, blu/wh lett (Upper Lake)

LAKE GOLD, Type: P, $2.
Yellow Old English style lett.,blue bkgd.,Lambert horse(Sac.)

LAKE HOME, Type: Mi, $5.
Mansion beside lake; Tokays, prunes; Mason Frt. Co (Lodi)

LAKE RIDGE - Pears, Type: P, $2.
Nice scenic view of Clearlake, mts.,pear, wh.lett.(Kelseyville)

LARK, Type: G, $2.
Meadowlark in flight, nice color, white lett. on blue (Reedley)

LAZY - B (B), Type: G, $3.
Cartoon of bee snoozing against "B", blk. bkgd (Thermal)

LAZY - B (Y), Type: G, $3.
Cartoon of bee snoozing against "B", yel. bkgd (Thermal)

LEADERSHIP, Type: G, $2.
White 3-D script with blu shading on red bkgd (Lodi)

LIBERTY BELL, Type: G, $2.
Bronze Liberty Bell on dark blue, white lettering (Fresno)

LIMA SPECIAL, Type: G, $2.
Flame tokays (red) at left, yellow, blue bkgd (Lodi)

Locomotive Engineer, Type: G, $5.
Great scene: steam train rounding curve, vineyard (Lamont)

LONE EAGLE, Type: Mi, $2.
Lindberg's plane (N-X-211) Shaded green logo (Exeter)

LUCERNE, Type: G, $2.
4 Carnations, black bkgd, pale yellow lettering (Hanford)

M - Z (9" or 12"), Type: G, $2.
Solid black with red/yellow M - Z (Lodi)

MAGGIO - Pear, Type: P, $2.
Orange script on blue bkgd., red shield, blue ribbon (Lodi)

MAGIC LAKE - Pear, Type: P, $2.
2 white egrets stand in lake, forest, mountains (Sacramento)

MAYFLOWER, Type: Mi, $2.
Mayflower in full sail; blk. bkgd., blue anchor logo (Exeter)

Stacks of gold coins, blu bkgd., yello lett (Exeter)

MISS GIFFEN, Type: M, $2.
2 Pretty little girls, blue bkgd.,white script logo (Huron)

MONT' ELISA, Type: G, $2.
Pretty little brunette (10) (yrs) holding grapes (Roseville)

MOONLIGHT, Type: G, $3.
Couple in canoe on moonlit lake; mts., trees (Sanger)

MORJON Prunes, Type: Prune, $3.
Nice old litho: 6 prunes on branch; red bkgd (Santa Clara)

Valley vista, mts., yell. bkgd., huge grapes (Oakley, Fresno)

MR. GIBB, Type: G, $2.
Gold/red "Mr. Gibb"on purple, cartoon:grape w/top hat (Indio)

MR. GRAPE, Type: G, $2.
Cute cartoon character, fits with Pasha & Bagdad (Mecca)

Mrs. WONDERFUL, Type: M, $3.
Mrs. "Doubtfire" in pink holds basket of cantaloupes.(Shafter)

MT. LASSEN, Type: Mi, $2.
Nice view of volcano erupting in 1915 (Hamilton City)

MT. SHASTA, Type: Mi, $2.
Pretty view of Mt. Shasta, yello & blues (Hamilton City)

NADCO, Type: G, $3.
Spanish señorita dancing, dk blu bkgd.,white lett (Visalia)

NADCO (Premium), Type: G, $2.
White lett., dk. blu bkgd., medallion at right (Visalia)

NADCO - Tokays, Type: G, $2.
Shaded lett., dk. blu bkgd, Prem. Tokays, 27 lbs (Visalia)

NATIONAL Orchard, Type: O, $4.
National Orange Co. orchards, hills; Sunkist (Riverside)

NILE, Type: G, $2.
Dk. blue letters"Nile", Arabs, camels, sphinx (Sanger)

Ni'o, Type: Mi, $3.
Little laughing boy in sombrero; Child Bros (Long Beach)

NOB HILL, Type: G, $2.
Tall buildings, cable car,etc.in landmark neighborhood (S.F.)

NOB HILL, Type: G, $3.
Big cable car, bldgs, etc.in landmark neighborhood (S.F.)

Great flying Eagle attacking bunch of flame tokays (Victor)

O SOLE MIO, Type: G, $2.
Red bkgd, white script, blue shading, bar of music (Lodi)

Oh Yes! Pears, Type: Pear, $2.
White triangle with logo, Pears, blue bkgd (S.F.)

Oh Yes! Pears (R), Type: P, $2.
White triangle with logo, red Bartlett pears, blue bkgd (S.F.)

Oh Yes! Persimmons, Type: Pers, $2.
White triangle with logo, Persimmons, blue bkgd (S.F.)

Oh Yes! Plums, Type: Plum, $2.
White triangle with logo, Plums, blue bkgd (S.F.)

Oh Yes! We Grow the Best, Type: Mi, $2.
White triangle with logo, prunes & apricots, blu bkgd (S.F.)

OLD OREGON, Type: Po, $2.
2 pears, view of Webster orchards, mts (Hood River)

ORABELLA, Type: Pear, $2.
Beautiful golden Lake County pear, red lett., blue bkgd.(L.A.)

OUR PICK, Type: Mi, $2.
Rooster with fruit in feed dish, red bkgd.,white lett (Loomis)

OUT of the WEST, Type: P, $3.
Full rigged galleon sails/sunset, blu sea, sky (Walnut Grove)

OUT WEST, Type: G, $2.
Cowboy on horseback roping yellow lett. on blk (Reedley)

OWL, Type: G, $2.
Big Owl on branch, blue moon behind on dk blue (Ampere)

Sunburst in sky, big ship sailing into bay (S.F.)

Ship sailing out under Golden Gate Bridge (S.F.)

PALO ALTO, Type: Mi, $4.
Tall redwood tree on red background, white lett (Palo Alto)

PASHA, Type: G, $2.
Cute cartoon character; fits w/Bagdad & Mr. Grape (Mecca)

PATRICIA, Type: Apr., $2.
3 Apricots on twig, stock blue/red bkgd (San Jose)

PATRICIA, Type: PP, $4.
Woman in Cleopatra headdress; prickly pear (San Jose)

PEACOCK, Type: P, $2.
Peacock strutting across golden lett. on blk bkgd (Sacto)

PEP, Type: G, $2.
Dancing señorita on black bkgd., white lettering (Visalia)

PHEASANT, Type: G, $2.
Great Pheasant on blk with red outl. white letters (Visalia)

PILGRIM, Type: Mi, $3.
Stern Pilgrim, buckled hat, holding bible; green bkgd., yello/red lettering (Exeter)

PINE ISLAND, Type: F, $2.
View of Island in Lake; Diagonal logo; 3 oranges(Groveland)

PINNACLE, Type: Po, $3.
View of eroded sandstone cliffs, Pinnacle (Medford)

Pioneer Special Pack, Type: P, $2.
4 Pears grouped around nameplate and logo (Sacramento)

PIPCO, Type: Mi, $2.
Yello lett., wh outl. on pink accord.- pleated panel (Fresno)

PIRATE'S COVE, Type: P, $3.
Nice view of Clear Lake, mountains, trees (Finley)

PODESTA, Type: C, $2.
Vista: orchards, hills, cherries, yello lett. in sky (Linden)

POLA-KISS, Type: G, $2.
"Pola-Kiss" formed in ice, snow-capped, blue on red (Lodi)

POLA-KISS (Gr.), Type: G, $2.
"Pola-Kiss" formed in ice, snow-capped, green on red (Lodi)

POLAR BIRD, Type: G, $2.
Penguin stands on ice with icicles hanging above (Reedley)

POOR BOY, Type: Mi, $3.
Laughing straw hatted kid in overalls & red checked shirt fishing; great (Visalia)

POPPY, Type: Pa, $2.
Pink poppies, green Australian pear, blu bkgd (Tasmania)

PRINCE, Type: Mi, $2.
German Shepherd dog, wh. & red lett. on blu (Orange Cove)

PURSUIT, Type: Mi, $2.
Silver, prop.-driven WWII-era fighter, white 3-D lett (Exeter)

QUAIL - Apricots, Type: Apr., $3.
Large California Quail, yello logo, blue bkgd (Sacramento)

Large red "Q" with tree in center, mts. in bkgd (Kelseyville)

Queue D'Hirondelle, Type: G, $2.
Swallow, map/France (Title: "Swallow Tail" in Fr.) (Stockton)

RACE TRACK, Type: G, $2.
Horse shoe & grapes, track w/racing horses, cars (Lodi)

RAYO (Black), Type: G, $2.
Vignette of sunrise, black grapes, old litho (Rayo)

RAYO (Green), Type: G, $2.
Vignette of sunrise, green grapes, old litho (Rayo)

RAYO (Red), Type: G, $2.
Vignette of sunrise, red grapes, old litho (Rayo)

RAYO (White), Type: G, $2.
Vignette of sunrise, white grapes, old litho (Rayo)

RED CROWN, Type: G, $2.
Orange bkgd.,red crown center,yello strip, red lett (Sanger)

RED HAT, Type: Mi, $2.
Bellhop in Red Hat holds tray, card: Prod. of U.S.A (Orosi)

RED LION, Type: Mi, $2.
Roaring Red Lion rt., shaded orange lett. on purple (Exeter)

RED ROOSTER, Type: G, $2.
Red Rooster logo for Levi & Zentner on dk blue bkgd (S.F.)

RED VELVET, Type: C, $2.
White label, red cherries, type "Red Velvet", gr. addr (Lodi)

RED VELVET, Type: G, $2.
Photo of black & white grapes on Red Velvet bkgd (Lodi)

RED WAGON, Type: G, $3.
Little boy, red wagon, grapes, red diagonal logo (Reedley)

RIVINIUS & SONS, Type: G, $2.
Nice old stock label, dk.blue bkgd.3 kinds grapes (Escalon)

ROCKY HILL, Type: G, $2.
Bronze statue, Indian on horse, rock, wh logo on blu.(Exeter)

Red 3-D type, vignette of hills, meadow, dk blu bkgd (Exeter)

ROSA DE ORO, Type: O, $3.
Small vista of orchards, mts, red bkgd.,yello banner, No. Cal citrus (Thermalito)

ROSA DI MAGGIO, Type: G, $2.
White 3-D lett.,dk blu panel, lt. blu bkgd., roses, grapes.(Lodi)

ROSEBUD, Type: G, $2.
Yellow Rosebud, blu bkgd, wh. lett., red outl (Strathmore)

20's girl with bell in bkgd. Vista of hills (Roseville)

ROSY, Type: Mi, $2.
Cute girl (8), Rosy cheeks, red logo on dk blu (Fresno)

ROYAL CLOVIS, Type: Mi, $2.
White lettering on purple bkgd. Gold crown (Clovis)

ROYAL FLUSH, Type: G, $2.
5 Hearts to Royal Flush, old english 3-D logo (Victor)

ROYAL TIGER*, Type: G, $4.
Superb early stalking Tiger; ornate banner, ends trimmed to fit smaller lug (Lodi)

SAN JOAQUIN, Type: C, $2.
3Cherries; Cargo ship in port of Stockton (Linden)

SANDSTROM'S, Type: Pmg., $3.
Wonderful pomegranates w/blossoms, yello bkgd (Turlock)

SCALETTA, Type: G, $2.
Young woman on tall ladder dumping grapes into vat (Lodi)

SETTER, Type: G, $2.
Irish Setter in grn. circle, yello, red, grn logo on blu (Exeter)

SEVEN - ELEVEN, Type: Mi, $2.
Rolling dice showing 7 & 11; green bkgd (Woodlake)

'40's 4-engine flying boat, yellow logo, red bkgd (Exeter)

SILVER KING, Type: G, $2.
Jolly King, silver crown & hair, orange lett.,blu bkgd.(Delano)

SMALL BLACK (Zip), Type: G, $2.
Black baby at center, grapes, red bkgd.,white lett, Zip (Lodi)

SMILING BABY, Type: G, $3.
Portrait of "Frankie Boy",grapes, wineglass, white script(Lodi)

SNOBOY, Type: P, $2.
Snowman waves, red mitts, earmuffs,yel. lett., blu bkgd.(L.A.)

SNOW CREST, Type: P, $2.
Snow covered mountain, trees, wh. 3-D lett.,Di Giorgio.(S.F.)

SPITZ, Type: G, $3.
Pure white Spitz dog; Blue Anchor logo (Exeter)

STARLITE, Type: Mi, $2.
Yello letters "Starlite" in arch on shaded blue bkgd.(Fresno)

STATE CENTER, Type: G, $3.
Poppy-wreathed map of Calif., red banner, grapes (Fresno)

STATE PRIDE, Type: G, $3.
Poppy-wreathed map/Calif., blue banner, red bkgd (Fresno)

STATUE, Type: C, $2.
Head and arm of Liberty on black; cherry (Suisun)

SUN - COLOR, Type: G, $2.
White lett.,two kinds grapes, sunset bkgd. Earl Frt. Co (S.F.)

SUN SMILE, Type: Pear, $2.
Smiling, radiant sun face, blue bkgd., yellow/red lett (Colfax)

SUNSET BRAND, Type: G, $2.
Flaming Sunset , red logo; pink/or. streaked sky (Fresno)

SUNSET BRAND, Type: Mi, $2.
Colorful sunset, streaked sky, later than grape (Fresno)

SUPER SWEET, Type: G, $2.
Blue, wine & white arched panel logo, grapes r.&l (Delano)

SUTTER BUTTES, Type: Mi, $2.
White 3-D letters above mts., orchard, geese (Yuba City)

SWALLOW, Type: G, $2.
Swallow swooping over flatland farm, yellow lett (Woodlake)

SWAN, Type: Mi, $2.
Stylized white Swan on pond, white lett., blu bkgd (Sanger)

TALK O' THE TOWN, Type: G, $2.
Night scene, city street, buildings fade to edge (Ivanhoe)

TENNIS, Type: G, $3.
Green tennis court, white/red 3D logo, blue bkgd (Sanger)

TEXUS, Type: T, $2.
Cowboy in 10 gallon hat, yellow letters on blk (Weslako,TX)

THOROBREDS, Type: Mi, $2.
Bust of Great Dane, white 3-D name on dark blue (S.F.)

THREE BELLS, Type: G, $2.
Photo of 3 kinds of grapes, 3 brass bells, blk. bkgd.(Reedley)

Three GRANDSONS, Type: G, $3.
Three boys, 1,10, & 12 in sunburst; red banner (Modesto)

TOM TOM, Type: Pch, $3.
Indian in full headdress beats on big drum (Delta, CO)

TOP BRANCH, Type: Apr w, $3.
3-D rainbow lett.,2 apricots on top tree branch (Wenatchee)

TOP BRASS, Type: Mi, $2.
Banner with anchor & five stars ( Fleet Admiral) (Earlimart)

TOP CARD, Type: P, $2.
Ace of spades show as Top Card in stack, yello lett (Sacto)

TOP GUN, Type: G, $3.
Six-shooter on yellow bkgd., red 3-D logo (Madera)

TOSO, Type: C, $2.
3 red cherries, 3-D lett.:"Toso", white & red on blk (Stockton)

TRADE-WIN, Type: G, $2.
Full rigged sailing ship at sea; orange & blue (Los Angeles)

TRY ONE, Type: Mi, $2.
Red lett., white triangle, photo plums,apricot.DiGiorgio (S.F.)

TULARE CHIEF, Type: Mi, $3.
Great Indian, full headdress, shaded red lett. on blue.(Cutler)

UmpquaSweetPrunes, Type: Prune, $10.
Excellent indian girl, view: river valley orchards in bloom, prunes.(Myrtle CreekOR)

Un-named APRICOT, Type: Apr., $2.
Same yello bkgd. as Colfax: vista of mt. 2 apricot vignette

Un-named Grape (Bl), Type: G, $2.
Schmidt stock #1421 - Black grapes on vine, sandy tan bkgd

Un-named Grape(Wh), Type: G, $2.
Stecher Traung Schmidt #1099 stock label - White Grapes

Un-named Pear, Type: P, $2.
Stock label # 1094 - 2 Pears - blue bkgd. - "PEARS" on circle

Un-named Strawberry, Type: Lge., $2.
Blank stock label liberally strewn with strawberries

Un-named Sw. Potato, Type: SP, $2.
Cooked & buttered sweet potato on plate, stock label

Un-named Tomato, Type: T, $2.
Tomatoes, whole and sliced in salad bowl, stock label

Un-named Tomato, Type: T, $2.
Plate of tomatoes by window overlooking fields, mountains

Un-named Tomato, Type: T, $2.
Stecher Traung stock label # 1042 - Tomato fields, red hills

Un-named Tomato, Type: T, $2.
Sliced tomatoes on plate - stock label # 1170 - blue bkgd

Un-named Tomato, Type: T, $2.
"TOMATOES" 3D letters diag. stock # 1067- vine-ripe; sliced.

Un-named Veggie, Type: V strip, $2.
Stock Veggie field, mountain - Schmidt # 1257 - '50's art

UnnamedStrawb.(sm), $2.
Stecher Traung stock label # 1006 - small vista, strawberries

Blonde '20's beauty. Wine salute over Chianti bottle (Lodi)

VALLEY BOY, Type: C, $2.
Two types, baby boy in one, 8-year-old w/fruit basket (Victor)

VALLEY BOY, Type: Mi, $2.
Baby boy w/fruit basket, red bkgd (Victor)

VALLEY FLAME, Type: G, $2.
Scenic view of vineyards, cold storage plant, grapes (Victor)

VALLEY KING, Type: T, $3.
Dramatic dark blue bkgd; regal elk in center, tomatoes (S.F.)

VALLEY QUEEN, Type: G, $2.
Victorian lady w/crown, stone litho, red grapes (Exeter)

Large bowl, flame Tokay grapes, yello bkgd., blk. lett (Lodi)

VICTOR'S BEST, Type: C, $2.
3-D letters "Victor's Best", purple w/green, blk bkgd (Victor)

VICTOR'S BEST, Type: G, $2.
3-D letters "Victor's Best", purple w/green, blk bkgd (Victor)

VICTORIA Prunes, Type: Prune, $8.
Winged female figure, prunes, blue bkgd (San Francisco)

VITO'S BEST, Type: G, $2.
Stylized white lettering "Vito's Best" arched, red bkgd (Lodi)

VITTORIA, Type: G, $2.
Red letters on purple bkgd, crown above "V", grapes (Lodi)

W.J.WILSON & SON, Type: G, $2.
Grapes, vine, wood grain bkgd, blk. lett, old (Newcastle)

WESTERN SKY, Type: G, $2.
S.F.- Oakland Bay Bridge at sunset, nice view (Exeter)

WHISTLE, Type: Mi, $2.
Steam Whistle blowing, yello & red logo, blu bkgd (Cutler)

WHITE HORSE, Type: G, $2.
White Horse gallops from left, white lett., blk bkgd (Sanger)

WHITE HOUSE Cant., Type: M, $2.
Vignette of White House in D.C., cantaloupes (Los Angeles)

WHITE HOUSE Melon, Type: M, $2.
Vignette of White House in D.C., red bkgd.,wh. lett (L.A.)

WHITE HOUSE Tom., Type: T, $2.
Vignette: White House in Wash. D.C., blu bkgd.(LosAngeles)

WHITE STAR, Type: T, $2.
White lett., red bkgd., white star in blue circle (L.A.)

WOW! Cal. Fruit, Type: Mi, $3.
Cartoon bear cub hangs on tree branch, red WOW!.(Sanger)

YELLOW PAGES, Type: Mi, $2.
Widespread yellow page book, trumpeters (Bakersfield)

YUBA ORCHARD, Type: Plum, $2.
Blue flag bkgd.,4 plum color photo vignette, DiGiorgio (S.F.)

YUBA ORCHARD, Type: P, $2.
Blue flag bkgd.,Pear photo vignette, Di Giorgio (S.F.)

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