Original Antique Citrus Crate (Box) Labels

Labels have been recognized as a collectible item for several decades, but it wasn't until the late 1960's or early '70s that collecting began in earnest. That's because the number of available labels suddenly increased when the use of cardboard cartons tested during WWII had proven to be practical, and wood boxes were on their way out. The labels which had been in storage for years, anticipating a possible return to use, were no longer necessary.

It happened first in the citrus business, particularly in Southern California,where thelargest, most beautiful labels were used. Largest, because of the box size, and most beautiful because of the fantastic lithographic companies on the West Coast. Orange and Lemon box labels from California have commanded the most interest and the highest prices since the beginning of organized collecting, not only because they are larger than other labels, but there are many more designs available to collect. California Orange labels are generally about 10" x 11" and Lemons are approximately 9" x 12". We also carry a few Florida citrus labels, which generally measure 9"x9".

Type Codes:
O=California Orange, L=Calif. Lemon, F=Florida Citrus
G=Calif. Grapefruit, TX=Texas Citrus

Label Sizes:
Orange = 10" x 11", Lemon = 9" x 12", F and TX = 9" x 9", Fs = 7" x 7"

* = Slight damage from water, mildew, or fracture

AIRLINE, Type: O, $5.
Lge blu/wh outline type, wings w/world at top center (Fillmore)

AK-SAR-BEN, Type: O, $2.
Orange cluster o/printed w/Nebraska backwards (Lemon Cove)

ALL YEAR, Type: L, $5.
Palm trees over fertile valley with purple hills beyond (Fillmore)

ALTISSIMO, Type: O, $3.
Snow-capped peaks tinged red by sunset. Dramatic.(Placentia)

ANNIE LAURIE, Type: O, $6.
Bonnie Lassie w/plaid shawl & green plaid bkgd (Strathmore)

ARBOLEDA, Type: L, $3.
Center oval shows scene of surf, groves, mountains (Goleta)

ATHLETE, Type: O, $8.
3 runners sprinting for the finish, stadium in bkgd (Claremont)

ATHLETE, Type: L, $7.
3 runners at finish line, stadium in bkgd., 4 lemons.(Claremont)

AVENUE, Type: O, $5.
1920's Car driving down palm-lined empty Avenue (Riverside)

BASKET, Type: L, $2.
Blue bkgd., gold basket of lemons, gold 3-D logo (Lemon Cove)

Bel/CRESCENT City, Type: F, $15.
Party girl w/orange on smiling crescent moon (Crescent City)

BLUE GOOSE, Type: O, $5.
Large dk. Blue Goose silhouette on orange bkgd (Los Angeles)

BRIDAL VEIL, Type: L, $15.
Vignette: Yosemite waterfall, lemon & blossoms (Santa Paula)

BRONCO, Type: O, $6.
Horseback vaquero, twirling lariat as horse gallops (Redlands)

CALEDONIA, Type: O, $2.
Scotch thistles on a plaid background (Placentia)

CALIFORNIA Dream, Type: O, $25.
Stereotypical Orange Crate art: Calif. as Paradise (Placentia)

CAMBRIA, Type: O, $2.
"Cambria" lettered on red oval with eagle & torches (Placentia)

CAMBRIA, Type: L, $2.
"Cambria" lettered on red oval with eagle & torches (Placentia)

CAMELLIA, Type: O, $20.
Spray of 6 Camellias on white satin background (Redlands)

CAREFREE, Type: O, $3.
Photo of pre-WWII blonde cutie on blue background (Redlands)

CARRO AMANO, Type: O, $4.
Pushcart peddler sells orange to señorita (East Highlands)

CHANNEL, Type: L, $4.
Gulls flying around vignette of Santa Barbara Channel (Goleta)

CO-ED, Type: O, $4.
Girl graduate in cap & gown, purple bkgd. yello lett (Claremont)

CORONA LILY, Type: O, $5.
Spotted Lily on black bkgd., very classy flower image (Corona)

CUTTER, Type: L, $6.
Speeding gunboat slicing through ocean/orange sky (Oxnard)

CYCLE, Type: O, $5.
4 circle vistas represent 4 seasons, nice art, 3-D logo (Fillmore)

DAHLIA, Type: O, $6.
Photo of 3 pink Dahlias with script logo at upper left (Redlands)

DAISY, Type: O, $5.
Yello lett:"DAISY", large white flower blk. bkgd., smart (Covina)

DESERT BLOOM, Type: G, $6.
Yucca plants blooming in high desert landscape (Redlands)

DIXIE BOY, Type: FG, $6.
Cute black youngster with face sunk in 1/2 grapefruit.(Waverly)

DIXIE DELITE, Type: F, $8.
'20s image of dancing couple on red hearts bkgd (Weirsdale)

DOUBLE-A-BRAND, Type: O, $5.
Freight (reefer) train crosses AA trestle,orange bkgd.(E.Highlds)

EAT - ONE, Type: O, $6.
Big blue arrow points to photo of orange, blu bkgd (Lindsay)

ENVOY, Type: L, $3.
Gold-winged blue circle on orange & blue bkgd (Corona)

ESTERO, Type: L, $4.
Large "Estero" in orange on dk green, view of bay (Goleta)

EUREKA, Type: F, $4.
Great red-robed Indian beside waterway, g'frt., orange (Ocala)

EVENING STAR, Type: L, $6.
Night view of Mission midst palms and groves (San Fernando)

EXCLUSIVE, Type: L, $5.
Plate with lemon pie (one of few showing home uses).(Ivanhoe)

EXETER, Type: O, $3.
Orange globe (map) with center of railroad network at (Exeter)

EXPOSITION, Type: L, $4.
Diploma: Grand Prize/A.Y.P. Expo, Seattle,'09 (Santa Barbara)

FALLBROOK, Type: L, $3.
Mtn. brook, falls, red logo, white strip, blk. bg, 4 lems.(Fallbrook)

FELLOWSHIP, Type: F, $5.
Hands clasped in "Fellowship", sunburst around (Oakland, FL)

FESTIVAL, Type: L, $3.
Flower-covered carriage; ladies go to Festival (Santa Barbara)

FLAVOR, Type: O, $5.
View of valley, groves, mts., red/yellow 3-D logo (Corona)

FULL O ' JUICE, Type: O, $5.
Excellent graphic: partly peeled orange, glass/juice (Redlands)

GALLEON, Type: L, $10.
Sailing ship heading out to sea. "Galleon" in white (Oxnard)

GLADIOLA, Type: O, $4.
Two large, pink Glad stalks, yel logo, gold bkgd., deco (Covina)

GOLD BUCKLE, Type: O, $5.
White belt ,"Gold Buckle" early vista of groves (E.Highlands)

GOLD MINE, Type: TX, $3.
White & gold logo slanted up above map of Texas (Pharr, TX)

Large Circle of oranges around RCFA monogram (Redlands)

GOLDEN EAGLE, Type: O, $6.
Large, fierce Eagle holding 3 oranges in talons (Fullerton)

GOLDEN GATE, Type: O, $10.
Stock design of 3 oranges & vase of holly berries (Lem. Cove)

GOLDEN ROD (Old), Type: O, $3.
Large blue "Golden Rod" lettered above blooms.(1928) (Rialto)

GOLDEN ROD(Redl), Type: O, $3.
Large "Golden Rod" lettered above blooming sprays(Redlands)

GOLDEN STATE, Type: L, $4.
Map of California,Sunkist lemons,"gold" lettering.(Lemon Cove)

GOLETA, Type: L, $2.
Sailboat cruising channel, curving across, large letters:(Goleta)

GOOD YEAR, Type: O, $7.
White"Good Year"diagonal red stripe over fruit, flowers (Rayo)

GUIDE, Type: L, $2.
Rustic old wooden signpost pointing right over grove (Saticoy)

HANDSUM, Type: O, $5.
Hand with orange, sunburst in circle, blue field (Strathmore)

HAVE ONE, Type: O, $5.
Succulent art: hand offering part-peeled orange (Lemon Cove)

50's Dancing couple in front of red heart bkgd (Weirsdale, FL)

HILL CHOICE, Type: O, $5.
Pretty stock view valley & hills: orange & blossoms (Porterville)

HOME of RAMONA, Type: O, $125.
Early (©1900) stone lith: hacienda, flowers, bronzed (Camulos)

HOMER, Type: O, $5.
Homing pigeon winging its way to lofty perch. Big bird (Corona)

HUNTSMAN, Type: F, $4.
Indian with bow & arrow aiming at flying blue herons (Waverly)

IDYLLWILD, Type: O, $5.
Diamond vignette of groves, mts., betw. 2 oranges (Riverside)

JOLLY ROGER, Type: F, $6.
Pirate on beach with musket, red cape, sword, tricorn (Waverly)

JUCIFUL, Type: O, $5.
Stark photo as orange & twig cast shadow, blu bkgd.(Redlands)

JUST AS GOOD, Type: L, $5.
Stock #221: Lemon groves, '20's house in valley.(Lemon Cove)

KAWEAH MAID, Type: L, $8.
Authentic Indian maid with turquoise. Wood bkgd (LemonCove)

KAWEAH RiverBelle, Type: O, $10.
Nice stock, vista of groves, mts., mission,oranges.(Lemon Cove)

KILLDEE, Type: F, $4.
Black & white bird, Kildeer, wading in Florida swampland (FL)

KILTIE, Type: L, $3.
Lemon, blossom, yell/green logo, red plaid bkgd (Corona)

KING DAVID, Type: O, $6.
Portrait of bearded King, golden crown & fncy robes.(Placentia)

LA PATERA, Type: L, $2.
Scenic view of "La Patera" (the pond) (Goleta)

LA REINA, Type: O, $3.
Fan-carrying señorita in flowered shawl near hacienda (Rialto)

LAUREL, Type: O, $5.
3 Oranges surrounded by laurel wreath, berries (Corona)

LEADER, Type: L, $3.
Portrait of racehorse in circle, lemons around at sides (Corona)

LEGAL TENDER, Type: O, $5.
Stack of (fake) paper money labeled $250 on band (Fillmore)

LEMONADE, Type: L, $3.
Plain-jane block of lettering obscures vista in bkgd (Ivanhoe)

LEVEL, Type: L, $15.
Carpenter's level & plumbob (mate to Compass) (Santa Paula)

LEVON - Melon, Type: M, $8.
Fantastic Lion stalks label (same art as Courage O)(Los Banos)

LILY, Type: O, $5.
Very popular design: Calla Lilies, black bkgd. Elegant (Exeter)

LIMONEIRA, Type: L, $2.
Red background, white letters:"Limoneira Co." (Santa Paula)

LINCOLN, Type: O, $15.
Orange with blossoms on twig; bright blue bkgd (Lincoln, CA)

LINCOLN - Abe, Type: O, $6.
Abe in classic portrait, with primitive lettering rt (Arlington Hts.)

LINEN, Type: O, $3.
Large, old english lettering "Linen" in red on fabric diag (Irvine)

LOCH LOMOND, Type: O, $6.
Scottish view: loch (lake), heather, plaid & orange (Strathmore)

LOCHINVAR, Type: O, $7.
Gallant knight rides off with fair maiden in white (E. Highlands)

LOFTY, Type: L, $4.
Nice design, vista in ctr. diamond, lemonade glass (Fallbrook)

MADURO, Type: L, $2.
Single lemon, blossoms, dark blue bkgd., red logo (Corona)

MARC ANTONY, Type: O, $5.
Handsome Marc in warrior's plumed, golden helmet.(Placentia)

MARIPOSA, Type: O, $25.
Bouquet Mariposa lilies: vivid yel., wh. & lavender(Santa Paula)

METEOR, Type: L, $6.
Red Meteor curves across night sky full of stars (San Fernando)

MINERVA, Type: L, $3.
Goddess of wisdom, Minerva, also on Calif. state seal (Corona)

MIRACLE, Type: O, $5.
Smiling genie in turban holding tray of oranges (Placentia)

MIRAMAR, Type: L, $15.
Idyllic groves between mountains & ocean cliffs (Montecito)

MORJON, Type: O, $2.
Orange in triangle, yellow bkgd., Chinese characters (S.F.)

White "Morning Smile" on dark blue background (Porterville)

MORNING SUN, Type: L, $6.
Orange sun rising over bright mission gardens (San Fernando)

NAVAJO, Type: O, $25.
Strong profile view, Navajo brave, art style: Vict. Ave.(Riverside)

OASIS, Type: O,G, $2.
Grapefruit & Orange photo, yello/red bkgd., blk. lett (Thermal)

OH-CEE, Type: L, $3.
Large O around smaller C, both orange,3-D title (Orange Cove)

ORCHARD KING, Type: O, $4.
Orange with fancy crown, blue bkgd, white logo (Covina)

ORCHID, Type: F, $6.
Beautiful orchid blooms above iced grapefruit half (Wabasso)

OROSI, Type: O, $2.
Dark blue bkgd., white logo diminishing to rt., Sunkist (Orosi)

OXNARD, Type: L, $5.
Farm laborer plows with ox team near mission, hills (Oxnard)

PACIFIC, Type: L, $3.
Giant lemon, map of Pacific shows sea routes (Santa Barbara)

PACOAST, Type: O, $5.
Bird's-eye view of coastal groves, highway (Los Angeles)

PALA BRAVE, Type: O, $6.
Brave portrait of Indian chief in feathered headdress.(Placentia)

PANAMA, Type: L, $3.
Map of N. Am. shows sea routes via Canal (Santa Barbara)

PARADE, Type: L, $3.
Rank of drummers following the drum major (Saticoy)

PEPPER, Type: F, $3.
Runner in track spikes sprinting across blue bkgd (Waverly)

PINE CONE, Type: O, $10.
Large pine cone, vista of valley, arrowhead (East Highlands)

PLEDGE, Type: F, $5.
Two hands, glasses of orange juice clinking in toast (Lake Co.)

POINSETTIA, Type: O, $15.
Bright Poinsettia flower against dramatic blk bkgd (Fillmore)

PONCA, Type: O, $3.
Large orange, center; white logo, design bkgd (Porterville)

PURE GOLD, Type: O, $5.
Pure Gold circle above prospector w/pack mule, etc (Redlands)

QUEEN ESTHER, Type: O, $6.
Biblical Queen wears jewelled tiara, earrings, etc (Placentia)

RAMONA Memories, Type: L, $5.
Beautiful señorita waiting outside mission (San Fernando)

REBECCA, Type: O, $8.
Biblical Rebecca stands at the well with water jug (Placentia)

RED BIRD, Type: O, $3.
Red Phoenix type bird in wreath of blue-black (Porterville)

RED CIRCLE, Type: O, $5.
Deco style lett."Red Circle" above 4 of same (Riverside)

Redlands CHOICE, Type: O, $9.
Large orange, blossoms on blue velvet bkgd (Bryn-Mawr)

Redlands FOOTHILL, Type: O, $4.
Nice scene of farmhouse with groves to Foothills (Redlands)

Redlands JOY, Type: O, $9.
Big orange, juice glass, blk bkgd. white lett., red o/l.(Bryn Mawr)

Redlands PRIDE, Type: O, $9.
Fancy oval frame, orange on twig, blue bkgd (Bryn-Mawr)

ROSA de ORO, Type: O, $20.
Fancy lett. above oranges and rose; view of ranch (Thermalito)

ROYAL FEAST, Type: O, $5.
Diag. "Royal Feast"white on dk. blue w/gold border (Porterville)

SAN ANTONIO, Type: O, $10.
Brook from snowy mts. running through meadow (Ontario)

SAN MARCOS, Type: L, $3.
Small vista of lemon groves near mountains (Goleta)

SANTA, Type: L, $6.
Ever popular Santa Claus & his bag of goodies (Santa Paula)

SANTA ROSA, Type: L, $6.
Mexicans w/lemon-packed donkey, mission, groves (Oxnard)

SATIN, Type: O, $4.
Diagonal Old English script over pink Satin fabric (Irvine)

SCHOONER, Type: L, $4.
Two-masted ketch/full sail over choppy sea; red logo (Goleta)

Scotch Lassie Jean, Type: O, $5.
Young woman in traditional kilt. Castle bkgd.,plaid.(Strathmore)

SEA BIRD, Type: L, $6.
White gull, soaring under yel. logo on blue bkgd (Carpenteria)

SEA BOUND, Type: L, $15.
Full-rigged, 3-masted ship; orange-colored sky (Oxnard)

SEA BREEZE, Type: L, $6.
Attractive coastal vista shows groves, far off isles (Carpenteria)

SEA COAST, Type: L, $3.
Blue triangle; two lemons, brown bkgd. fancy logo (Ventura)

SEA CURED, Type: L, $6.
Huge ocean liner steaming away from L.A. smog (Oxnard)

SEA GULL, Type: L, $18.
3 Gulls in flight; ocean in bkgd., Red Ball logo (Upland)

SEA VIEW, Type: G, $2.
Photo of 4 grapefruit on tree, tiny view of Salton Sea (Thermal)

SEA VIEW, Type: Tang, $2.
Photo of 8 tangerines on tree, tiny view of Salton Sea.(Thermal)

SEALD - PEP, Type: F, $5.
Open cockpit biplane, blu bkgd.,red logo (Waverly)

SELVA, Type: L, $4.
Pretty view of Sespe Canyon, stream, trees, flowers (Fillmore)

SESPE, Type: L, $4.
Rugged canyon scene, untitled. Reddish cliffs, stream.(Fillmore)

SHAMROCK, Type: O, $3.
Giant Irish clover above orange groves, mts (Placentia)

SHAMROCK, Type: L, $3.
Giant Irish clover above lemon groves, mts., lemons (Placentia)

SILVER KING, Type: F, $4.
Big fish, blk bkgd, ornate white lett., red panel (St. Petersburg)

SILVER MOON, Type: L, $6.
Night scene of Mission, '30s car, plane, moon (San Fernando)

SOLID GOLD, Type: O, $4.
Calif.StateSeal,Solid Gold on red. Early litho,oranges (Exeter)

SOLO, Type: L, $2.
Red panel has lemon & stars. Dk. blue has red logo rt (Saticoy)

SPLENDID, Type: L, $6.
View of groves, mts, CA style 20's house like Val.Vw (Ivanhoe)

STRATHMORE, Type: O, $4.
Scottish piper, full kilts, marching; playing pipes (Strathmore)

SUMMERLAND, Type: L, $20.
Terrific view, ocean, beach, villa, (Pres. CLINTON'S Western Hdqtrs) (Montecito)

SUMMIT, Type: O, $5.
Riders & pack train on snowy mt. trail, red/yel logo (Redlands)

SUN PRINCE, Type: O, $3.
3-D lettering in orange & red; smiling sun face (Orange Cove)

SUN TAG, Type: O, $2.
Large cardboard tag with red logo across oranges (Placentia)

SUNFLOWER, Type: O, $6.
Lge. blue lett. "Sunflower" above big gold blossom (Redlands)

SUNNY COVE, Type: O, $7.
View of 30's house overlooking groves, mts (Redlands)

Great landscape of groves with mts. in distance (Redlands)

T-E-A, Type: O, $3.
Huge orange "T-E-A" on dk. blue, or. blossom below (Lindsay)

TALISMAN, Type: O, $4.
Three golden pink roses in deco style design (Redlands)

TARTAN, Type: L, $3.
Green & blue plaid pattern, lettering lt. cream, lemon (Corona)

View of Ranch House, palms, orange groves (Placentia)

TREE TOP, Type: O, $3.
Twin Sequoia tree, blu bkgd, yel/purple 3-D logo Lemon Cove

UNICORN, Type: O, $25.
Pinto"Unicorn"(Horse w/horn) galloping nr.sea (E. Hilands)

UPLAND PRIDE, Type: O, $9.
Beautiful red roses against black bkgd., white logo (Upland)

VALLEY VIEW, Type: O, $6.
Full view ; l920's house, groves,same as Splendid (Claremont)

VANDALIA, Type: O, $4.
Deco lett."Vandalia", large peacock, moonlit sky (Porterville)

VENICE COVE, Type: O, $5.
Great crowing rooster illustrates Pride of Venice Cove(Ivanhoe)

VENTURA MAID, Type: L, $20.
l930's blonde yng woman holding lemons adoringly (Ventura)

VESPER, Type: L, $2.
Old English lett., church at left, evening worshipers (Porterville)

VICTORIA - G, Type: G, $6.
White-haired, stern-faced Queen, crown & jewels (Riverside)

VICTORIA - O, Type: O, $6.
White-haired,stern-faced queen,crown jewels, ornge(Riverside)

WASHINGTON, Type: O, $3.
Washington monument at D.C.,Capitol in distance (Exeter)

WESTERN QUEEN, Type: O, $16.
"Hollywood" Indian Maiden, braids, beads, buckskins (Rialto)

WHIZ, Type: L, $2.
Large blue letters"Whiz"in green/yellow arch; Strange!.(Saticoy)

WISE BIRD, Type: F, $3.
Brown Owl on branch, moonlit forest silhouette.(Winter Garden)

Silhouette of gnarly tree beside pretty lake,hills, mts.(Woodlake)

WOODLAKE Nymph, Type: L, $25.
Nude blond nymph dances amid dark forest bkgd (Woodlake)

YOKOHL, Type: O, $6.
Shows Indian, fish caught, stream, waterfall, oranges (Exeter)

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