Original Antique Can Labels

There is more size variation in can labels than any other classification. Each different size can took a slightly different depth label. Many are approximately 4"x13", which puts them in the same strip classification as lug box labels, but can labels are likely to be much older than lugs. We have a few can labels from the 1890's, some from the 1900's to the '20's, and lots more from the 30's and 40's. Some of the most interesting bronze work and embossing is done on these old lithographic treasures used for labeling cans.

ARGO - Cherries, $7.
Simple brn. bkgd.,white script logo, seven nice cherries (S.F.)

BARE FOOT BOY - Tomato, $4.
Big tomato, Barefoot Boy, stream, poem (Frankfort, IN)

BEAUTY-Peas-11 oz, $2.
Pea pods stuffed with peas, wh. bkgd (Newark, NY)

BLOSSOM Hill Tom. paste, $2.
Bunch of romano tomatoes on vine; 6 oz size (Campbell)

Maine Blueberries; pie with slice cut out (Portland, ME)

BOB WHITE - Pumpkin, $6.
Excellent, early litho, closeup Bob White on farm fence, great pumpkin (Vienna, MD)

BOB WHITE Stringless Bns, $5.
Very nice picture of Bob White on fence (Vienna, MD)

BONANZA - Mixed Fruit, $6.
Ornate red bkgd.,white Old English logo on blue bar, mixed fruit vign. 6.5x10".(S.F.)

BURNHAM - Apple Sauce, $3.
Ivory bkgd.,red lett.,gold trim, nice apples (Newark,N.Y.)

BURNHAM - Bartlett Pears, $2.
Ivory bkgd.,gold tr.,red lett.,nice pear (Newark,NY)

BURNHAM - Corn, $3.
Ivory, red, gold, pretty golden bantam corn (NewarkNY)

BURNHAM - Peas, $2.
Ivory bkgd, gold trim, red lett., great peas (Newark,NY)

BURNHAM Red Beets, $3.
Ivory, gold, red beet bunch,'06 guarantee (Newark,NY)

BURNHAM - Ref. Beans, $2.
Ivory bkgd,gold trim,red type,grn beans (Newark,NY)

BURNHAM Tomatoes, $2.
Ivory bkgd, gold tr, red tomato, Gen.Wayne (Newark,NY)

BURNHAM - Sw.wrinkled p's, $2.
Ivory bkgd., red lett.,peas in pods, Revol. Gen (Newark, NY)

BUTTERFLY - Beets, $6.
Embossed, early litho; beets, butterfly (Westernville, NY)

BUTTERFLY - Old Pumpkin, $10.
Lavishly colorful, early label, beautiful art, great pumpkin! (Westernville, NY)

BUTTERFLY - Peas, $4.
White label, embossed peas & butterfly (Westernville NY)

BUTTERFLY-Ref. beans, $6.
28 Butterflies embossed; spectacular on clean, white label (Westernville, NY)

BUTTERFLY-StringlessBns, $8.
Class.ornate decoration, multi-color butterfly(Westernville,NY)

CAL-FINE Asparagus, $2.
Asparagus spears, '40's lett (Sacramento)

CAL-FINE - Tomato Puree, $2.
Red tomatoes, 40's style lett., USA Eagle (Sacramento)

CAP'N JOHN - Clam Nectar, $2.
Salty old Cap'n John at wheel at sea, clams (St. John, NB)

CRESTA BLANCA Pilchard, $2.
Snowy blue mountain, fish, water, red bkgd (Monterey)

Victorian Jardiniere w/plant; tomato, early (Belpre,OH)

DEFENDER - Tomatoes, $4.
Full sail yacht, seascape, lge tom.,ornate (Trappe,MD)

DEFY the WORLD - Tomato, $5.
Huge red tomato, ornate lettering, great old Victorian 2-story house (Quinton, NJ)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $2.
Asparagus tips, red bow, logo, grn bkgd. 10 oz (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $3.
Older style Asparagus tips,1lb, red logo, grn bkgd (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $2.
Asparagus bunch, red tie,1 lb.,15 oz.,red logo (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $3.
Asparagus bunch, red tie, older, 1 lb.,11 oz. size (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $3.
Asparagus bunch, blue tie, red logo, 1lb.,15 oz (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $2.
Mary Washington all green, 1lb.,3oz (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Asparagus, $2.
Early Garden variety, 9 spears vertical, 1lb.,3 oz (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Beets, $3.
Red logo, green bkgd, whole red beet, 1930's style (SF)

DEL MONTE - Corn, $2.
5 ears golden bantam, grn bkgd., red logo.12 0z (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - DeluxPlums, $2.
Green label, red logo, purple plums on plate (SF)

DEL MONTE - Gooseberry, $2.
Green Label, red logo, gooseberries on vine (SF)

DEL MONTE - Grapes, $2.
Red logo, green bkgd, muscat grapes (SF)

DEL MONTE - Olives, $2.
Sprig of 3 olives, leaves. 9 oz., red logo, grn.bkgd (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Olives, $3.
Older style, 4-olive sprig,size outline,9 oz.red logo (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Olives, $3.
Old type, 4-olive sprig,1lb.2oz, red logo, grn bkgd (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Peaches, $3.
Red logo, grn bkgd, sliced peaches, clr. glass bowl (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Peaches, $2.
Red logo, sliced peaches, clr. bowl & cream pitcher (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Peaches, $2.
Red/green style, sliced peaches in blu/white china (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Peaches, $2.
Red/green style, whole yellow free peach on twig (S.F.)

DEL MONTE - Pears, $2.
Red logo, grn bkgd, Bartlett pear, gold trim (S.F.)

DELICIOUS - Pie Fruit, $4.
Early vignette:12 fruits, fox leaping over stream (Allegany,NY)

DON PALMA - Mackerel, $3.
Mackerel, ocean, palm tree (Monterey)

E & A Asparagus, $2.
Early style line art ; Asp. spears, dk. blu & yello (Sacto)

E & A - Tomato Juice, $2.
Red diamond logo, 1/2 tomato & glass of juice (Sacto)

E & A - Tomato Puree, $2.
Red diamond logo, red tomato, blu & yello bkgd (Sacto)

E & A - Tomato sauce (Sm), $2.
Red diamond logo, red tomato, blu bkgd (Sacto)

E & A - Tomatoes, $2.
Red diamond logo, red tomato (solid pack) (Sacto)

E - B Peas, $2.
Ivory bkgd, gold tr, peas in pods, General (Newark,NY)

EDENVALE - Apr. (25 lbs), $2.
Red bkgd, blue & gold border, black type (San Jose)

ELKAY - Corn, $2.
Dk blu, emb., gold tr, Maine corn, wh script (Chicago)

FAIRFAX HALL - Apples, $5.
Colorful Old South plantation mansion,apples.(Richmond,VA)

FALCON - Salmon, $6.
Big bird (like Eagle) lifts salmon from lake (Vancouver, BC)

FARMERS PRIDE - Limas, $6.
Old farmer, young granddaughter, lima beans.(Terre Haute,IN

FAULTLESS - Beans, $3.
Yellow Beans, vine, white bkgd, red logo (Newark,N.Y.)

FAULTLESS - Beets, Diced, $3.
Red logo,White bkgd.,dish of diced beets (Newark,N.Y.)

FAULTLESS - Carrots, $3.
Wh. label, red logo, bunch of fat carrots (Newark,N.Y.)

FAULTLESS - Cut Beets, $3.
Wh. label, red logo, cut red beets (Newark,N.Y.)

FAULTLESS - Peas, $3.
Wh. label, red logo, bunch of peas, pod (Newark,N.Y.)

FERN PARK - Green Beans, $2.
Vignette,Green Beans, art of L.Klein Bldg (Chicago)

FERN PARK - Hominy, $2.
Interesting, footed, flower decorated bowl (Chicago)

FERN PARK - Lima Beans, $2.
Vignette of Lima Beans, bldg., LK monogram (Chicago)

FERN PARK - Spinach, $2.
Vignette of fresh Spinach leaves, ditto bkgd (Chicago)

FRTS.of CAL. - Assorted, $10.
SPECTACULAR labels; Mixed fruits (7),bears, eagle, ornate bkgd (SanJose)

FRTS.of CAL. - Frts./Salad, $8.
SPECTACULAR label; Mixed fruits (7),bears,eagle,ornate.bkgd.4.3x9.5".(SanJose)

FRTS.of CAL. - Grapefruit, $4.
Cropped label; Mixed fruits (7),bears, eagle,ornate trim.3.7x8.5" (San Jose)

GALLO PAINT (Pt.), $2.
Sunset, Golden Gate bridge, rooster, ships, color! (S.F.)

Sunset, Golden Gate bridge, rooster,ships, color! (S.F.)

GLENDORA - Tomatoes, $3.
White bkgd, embossed tomato & slice (Warren,PA)

GOLD BAR - Apple Sauce, $2.
Plain gold bkgd.,blue lett., white trim,1lb.,4 oz (S.F.)

GOLD BAR - Cherries, $3.
Gold bkgd., blue lett., royal anne cherries in color (S.F.)

GOLD BAR - Olives, $2.
Gold bkgd.,blue lett.,olives on branch, 1 lb.2 0z (S.F.)

GOLD BAR - Pineapple, Cr., $2.
Gold label, blu lett., Pineapple (S.F.)

GOLD BAR - Sugar Peas, $2.
Nice vignette of fresh Peas, gold bkgd, blue type (S.F.)

GOLD DUST - Bartlett Pear, $4.
Orange bkgd., blk lett., Pear vignette, (S.F.)

GOLD DUST - Peaches, $6.
Or. bkgd., ornate lett., lge. peach litho, leaves (Sacto)

GOLD DUST - Plums, $8.
Orange bkgd, black ornate type, early (Sacto)

GOLD LEAF - Asparagus, $2.
Black bkgd.,gold trim,asparagus art, 1lb.,15oz (SF)

GOLD LEAF - Assorted Fruit, $3.
Blk. bkgd., red lett., gold trim, fruit. vignette,6lb.,4oz (S.F.)

GOLD LEAF - Brussels spr., $2.
Black bkgd.,gold trim,Brussels sprouts,1lb.3oz (SF)

GOLD LEAF - Olives, $2.
Blk. bkgd., gold trim, olives on branch, 1 lb,2 oz (SF)

GOLD LEAF - Pimientos, $3.
Tan bkgd., gold leaf shape, red pimientos, 15 0z (S.F.)

GOLD LEAF - Stock label, $2.
Blk. bkgd., gold trim, impr. sw. pickle chips, 1 gal (SF)

GOLD LEAF Veggies, $2.
Blk.w/gold trim, veggie vig.,various imprints,1lb3oz (SF)

GOLD MEDAL - Asparagus, $2.
Cream bkgd., gold tr., white asparagus, gold medals (S.F.)

GRIFFON Brand - Grapes, $3.
Beige bkgd, emb. seal, griffon, no fruit art. 1lb.4oz (S.F.)

H.G.PRINCE - Asp. tips, $2.
White bkgd, blu script,10 oz size asparagus tips (Oakland)

Cream bkgd.,hatchet symbol, asparagus, gold trim,old (Sacto)

HAWTHORN - Apricots, $4.
Light blue bkgd, nice vignette of apricots in oval (S.F.)

HAWTHORN - Asparagus, $2.
Blue bkgd., pink blossoms, asparagus, Cal.Pkg.Co (SF)

HAWTHORN - Fruit, $5.
Lt. blue bkgd, blossoms, vignette of mixed fruits (S.F.)

HAWTHORN - Peaches, $4.
Pretty blue bkgd, pink flowers, peach in oval (S.F.)

HAWTHORN - Pears, $4.
Blue bkgd, pink flowers, pear in white oval (S.F.)

HAWTHORN - Plums, $5.
Lt. blue bkgd., pink blossoms, Central Cng. Co (Fresno)

Heart's Delight - Mixed Frt., $2.
Blue label, gold trim, vignette of orchard, (San Jose)

Hesperides Br. - Cherries, $6.
Early cherry vignette, goddess in ornate layout (Sebastopol)

HIGH GRADE - Yel. Clings, $10.
Early train on Sierra mountain climb, nice peach (S.F.)

HOLLY Asparagus tips, $2.
3x12" embossed, gold tr, Holly leaves & berries (S.F.)

HONEYSUCKLE - Apricots, $4.
Yellow label, red trim, Honeysuckle, great fruit lith (pwg)

Honeysuckle - Asparagus, $3.
Lt. bkgd.,fancy emb. gold trim, flowers, asparagus (S.F.)

HONEYSUCKLE - Beans, $6.
Yellow label, red trim, Honeysuckle, beans, server (S.F.)

Honeysuckle - Frt. Cocktail, $3.
Newer, brighter, yellow bkgd., flowers, frt. bowl (U.S.A.)

HONEYSUCKLE - Grpfrt., $4.
Yellow label, red trim, Honeysuckle, 1/2grapefruit plate (S.F.)

HONEYSUCKLE - Peaches, $4.
Lt. bkgd, fancy emb. gold trim & flowers, peach (S.F.)

HONEYSUCKLE - Peaches, $3.
Lt. bkgd., fncy emb.gold trim,sl. pches,china bowl (S.F.)

HONEYSUCKLE Pineapple, $4.
Yellow label, red trim, Honeysuckle, Pineapple (SF)

HONEYSUCKLE - Plums, $6.
Yellow label, red trim, Honeysuckle, 3 purplums (SF)

HONEYSUCKLE Plums (e), $6.
Yellow label, red trim, Cal. Frt. Cann. Ass.,egg plums (S.F.)

HORN O' PLENTY Blubrys, $2.
2 Cornucopias w/mixed fruit pouring out (Puyallup,WA)

IDYL BRAND - Pch. halves, $4.
Early, wreathed goddess blows trumpet (Covington,KY)

IDYL BRAND - Sl. Peaches, $4.
Early, wreathed goddess blows trumpet (Covington,KY)

INSEACO - Salmon, $2.
Chum salmon, red background, Interocean Seafood Co.(S.F.)

ISAACS - Asparagus, $2.
Small vignette: mts. scene; asparagus plate (Ellendale,DE)

ISAACS BRAND - Peas, $5.
Early litho, mountain lake, boat, tent, peas (Ellendale, DE)

IXL - Fig Conserve, $3.
Colorful label with many fruits, H.Jones & Co.(Tasmania,Aust)

LA PERLA - Olives, $3.
Prissy looking boy in Sunday clothes; 4 olives (Passaic, NJ)

LIBBY'S Royal Anne Cher., $3.
Very nice illustr. of cherries; red script Libby's logo; our only Libby's Label (S.F.)

LITTLE PRINCE - Apricots, $2.
Royally dressed little prince, photo: bowl of apricots.(Oakland)

LONGWOOD Plantation's, $4.
Syrup label; art of "Aunt Jemimah" type serving pancakes (Baton Rouge, LA)

MAGNOLIA Brand Aspar., $2.
Blu bkgd., gold lett. magnolia, asparagus, early can instr(S.F.)

MARVEL - Corn, $2.
Ivory bkgd, corn, plate w/paring knife, odd (Danville,IL)

MARVEL - Peas, $2.
Ivory bkgd, red & blu type, sw. peas, bowl (Danville,IL)

MARVEL - Pineapple, $2.
Dish, sliced pineapple, ivory bkgd, red, blu, (Danville,IL)

MARVEL - Pumpkin, $2.
Ivory bkgd, gold tr.,nice pumpkin, r & bl lett (Danville,IL)

MARVEL - Salmon, $2.
Ivory bkgd, salmon jumps, r & bl lett., gold (Danville,IL)

MARVEL - Tomatoes, $2.
Same Ivory bkgd, etc., brilliant tomatoes (Danville,IL)

Indian Chief; feathered headdress; 3 beets (Baltimore)

MAYFIELD - Succotash, $4.
Crisp art: corn,lima beans & tomato.Gunn-Ellis.(Richmond,VA)

MAYFIELD - Tomatoes, $4.
Bright red tomato, sunrise over field of flowers (Richmond,VA)

MEADOW BROOK Apricots, $3.
Red label, white type, stone litho of fruit, overprint (S.F.)

MEADOW BROOK Cherries, $3.
Red bkgd.,Cherries, overprint: Below US Std (S.F.)

Red label, white type, mixed fruit art, 6-1/2"x10" (S.F.)

MEADOW BROOK Mix.Fruit, $4.
Red label, white type, beautiful litho of mixed fruit (S.F.)

MEADOW BROOK Peaches, $3.
Large cling peach, red bkgd.,white type (S.F.)

MEADOW BROOK Peaches, $3.
Cut glass bowl sl. peaches, red bkgd., white type (S.F.)

MIRIAM - Apple Sauce, $4.
Red apple, blu/white bowl/plate, white bkgd (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

MOUNTAIN Brand - Peach., $4.
Early peach litho, red Kings River Packing Co. logo (S.F.)

MT HAMILTON - Apricots, $2.
Star vignette, hilltop observatory, apricot, grn. bkgd (S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON -Asparagus, $3.
Ornate green & red bkgd, observatory, asparagus (S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON - Mixed fruit, $4.
Ornate bkgd, observatory, great mixed fruit (pwg)

MT. HAMILTON - Mixed fruit, $2.
Star vignette, grn. bkgd.,observatory, mixed fruit (S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON - Peaches, $3.
Fancy green & red bkgd, lge. peach, observatory (pwg)

MT. HAMILTON - Peaches, $2.
Star vignette, grn bkgd., observatory, sm. peach (S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON - Peas, $2.
Star vignette, grn. bkgd.,observatory, dish of peas (S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON Sl.Peaches, $2.
Star vignette, observatory, sliced peaches, glass bowl (S.F.)

MT.HAMILTON Sl. Peaches, $3.
Ornate red & grn bkgd.,sliced peaches in cut glass bowl.(S.F.)

MT. HAMILTON - Tomatoes, $3.
Solid grn bkgd, star vignette, tomato & observ (pwg)

MT. HAMILTON-Asparagus, $2.
Star vignette, observatory on Mt. top, grn. bkgd (S.F.)

MYRTLE - Cherries, $4.
White script logo, Myrtle bough, Cherries, Sterling Can (S.F.)

MYRTLE - Mixed Fruit, $4.
White script logo, Myrtle bough, Mixed fruit vignette (S.F.)

MYRTLE - Peaches, $4.
White script logo, Myrtle bough, Peach, Sterling Can (S.F.)

MYRTLE - Sl. Peaches, $4.
White script logo, Myrtle bough, sl. Peaches,Sterling.c.c.(S.F.)

NEWARK - Cut Red Beets, $3.
Wh. bkgd., grn logo, cut red beets (Newark,NY)

NEWARK - Green Beans, $3.
Wh label, blu logo, cut grn bns, fancy bowl (Newark,NJ)

NEWARK - Sweet Corn, $3.
Wh. label, blu logo, embossed wh. corn (Newark,NY)

NORWICH - Peaches, $2.
Orange & white bkgd.,gold trim, peaches (Norwich, NY)

OAK BRAND - Asparagus, $3.
Grn. bkgd., asparagus, red lett., early can instructs (Oakland)

OCEAN Fresh - Calamares, $2.
Blu waves,sailboats,gulls,calamares(squid) (Monterey)

OG-NA - Sweet Corn, $3.
Fine embossed profile, Indian Chief, corn (Fabius,NY)

OG-NA - Tomatoes, $3.
Fine embossed profile,Indian Chief, tomato (Fabius,NY)

PADDLER - Salmon, $6.
Wh lett. on red, Indian paddles canoe;salmon.(Vancouver,BC)

PETER PIPER - Beets, $3.
Little Kid (Peter), plate of sliced beets, (Providence, RI)

POLLY Peeled Tomatoes, $5.
Bright red & yellow parrot, small tomatoes (Downe,TX)

PORTOLA - Pilchards, $2.
Red label, white lett., fish, portrait of explorer (Monterey)

POWHATAN - Apple sauce, $10.
Strong profile of indian, headband, 2 feathers.(Richmond, VA)

PREMIER - Apple Butter, $6.
Fancy emb. apple w/spread on bread, white bkgd (N.Y.)

PREMIER - Lima Beans, $6.
Nice art of limas beans, white bkgd. dk.blu lett.,mayo ad.(N.Y.)

PRIDE of VIRGINIA - Tomat., $3.
Large tomato; State seal has woman conquering fallen man (Mundy Point, VA)

PRINCE - Cherries, $2.
8 oz red bkgd.,wh. cherries, little wind-up toy prince.(Oakland)

PURE - Apple Cider, $5.
Primitive label; stone litho shows 3 apples; beige b(Hollis, NY)

PURE - Apple CiderVinegar, $5.
Primitive label; stone litho of 3 apples, beige bkgd.(Hollis, NY)

QUEEN of the MEADOW -W, $6.
Farm girl, bucket & milking stool, corn ear, cornfield.('06 Wrapper)(Westernville,NY)

RADIO - Pineapple, $4.
1932-Crackling zigzag logo; pineapple (Lawrence,MA)

RED LION - Early June P's, $3.
Ornate Red lion, grn. peas,red,blu,gold tr (Newark,NY)

RED MOON - Sweet Peas, $3.
Red crescent "man" logo, pea-pods in bkgd (Baltimore)

REEVES' BEST - Beets, $3.
Red bkgd, wh. lett, gold trim, dish of Beets (New York)

ROSE of MAINE - Apples, $8.
Crisp,clean,early; Apples, Rose,wh.bkgd.6lb(Farmington,ME)

ROUND TOWN - Corn, $2.
Morning Glory flowers,Corn/cob, ornate (Circleville,OH)

ROWLEY'S - Golden Corn, $3.
Emb. fancy golden corn, logo, blu bkgd (Fabius,NY)

ROWLEY'S - Kidney beans, $3.
Embossed fancy bowl, gold logo, blu bkgd (Fabius,NY)

ROWLEY'S - Succotash, $3.
Emb.fancy corn & beans, red logo,wh.bkgd (Fabius NY)

ROWLEY'S -Sw. corn (fncy), $3.
Emb.fancy white corn,white logo, red bkgd (Fabius NY)

ROWLEY'S - Tomatoes, $3.
Emb.fancy gold logo, blue bkgd., red tomato (Fabius NY)

ROWLEY'S - Wax Beans, $2.
Blu bkgd, gold script, emb, pretty yello bns (Fabius,NY)

S.J.FRT.PACKING Asp.tips, $4.
Asparagus tips, beige b.,gold trim,bears & eagle,3x12", omelet recipe (SanJose)

S.J.FRT.PACKING Asp.tips, $4.
Asparagus tips, pink b.,gold trim,bears & eagle,3.75x8", directions (SanJose)

SAN LEANDRO - Asparag., $4.
Early(Can opening instr.) embossed r/w/b 1lb (San Leandro)

SEA-PORT -Tomatoes, $3.
Red label, white type, arty steamship, tomato (Seattle)

SI - EDA - Fruits, $2.
Red bkgd, Indian blanket motif, no fruit art.1lb.,14oz (S.F.)

SI-EDA - Salmon, $2.
Red bkgd, Indian motif, blue salmon, yel logo, (S.F.litho)

SOLAR Brand - Pineapple, $8.
Blue label, world w/sunburst behind, pineapple, left (SF)

SOLAR - Cherries, $8.
White cherries (5) sunburst, world, blue bkgd (S.F.)

SQUAW - Peas, $2.
Classic Ind. Squaw w/papoose, ornate (Centerville,NY)

SUPREME COURT - Pears, $3.
Wh bkgd, gold tr, emb, courthouse, pear (Norwich,NY)

Wh bkgd, gold tr, emb, courthouse, tomato (Norwich,NY)

TEA CUP - Milk, $3.
Dainty blu & wh Tea Cup; clean design; red lett; (Cleveland)

TICK-TOCK - Peaches, $4.
Cute little girl, watch to ear, 2 peach lithos,1lb,12oz (SF)

TICK-TOCK - Pears, $2.
Cute little girl,watch to ear,2 pear liths,o/p waterpak (SF)

TODAY'S - Assorted Fruit, $4.
Colorful vignette of mixed fruit & berries,6lb,8oz (S.F.)

TODAY'S - Fruit Cocktail, $3.
3 Bowls of fruit cocktail, Deco style, white bkgd (S.F.)

TODAY'S - Olives, $3.
Repeating Deco pattern of olives on white bkgd (S.F.)

TOKUL - Beans, $4.
Blu bkgd.,grn beans,1lb.3oz, Meadowbrook(Snoqualmie WA)

UNIVERSAL - Apricots, $3.
Red bkgd., white lett., stone litho 2 apricots (S.F.)

UNIVERSAL - Cherries, $3.
Red label, white type, stone litho of white cherries (S.F.)

UNIVERSAL - Mixed Fruit, $5.
Red label, great mixed frt. vignette, (stock for many) (S.F.)

UNIVERSAL - Peaches, $3.
Red label, white type, stone litho peach, leaves (S.F.)

UNIVERSAL - Plums, $3.
Red bkgd.,white type, stone litho plums on twig (S.F.)

VALLEY VIEW - Spinach, $10.
Ornate vignette of Yosemite Valley, poppies, spinach (S.F.)

WAYNE - Bartlett Pears, $3.
Dk. blu bkgd., yello pear, Gen.Wayne (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Beets - (1906), $5.
Curved white logo, lge portr. Gen.Wayne,date (Newark)

WAYNE - Beets (Diced), $3.
Diced Beets, bowl, blu bkgd, Gen.Wayne (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Beets (Sliced), $3.
Blue bowl of beets, dk blu bkgd, 1lb, 4oz, (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Beets (Tiny), $3.
Dk blu label, Gen.Wayne, vignette of beets (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Corn, $3.
Dk blue label, Gen. Wayne, corn vignette (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Lima Beans(Tiny), $3.
Dk. blu. bkgd.,Limas, old bowl w/spoon! (Newark, NY)

WAYNE - Peas, $3.
Dk blue label, Gen.Wayne, pea vignette (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Refugee Beans, $3.
Cut grn. Beans, fancy bowl, blu bkgd,Gen (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Sauerkraut, $3.
Dk. blu. bkgd., cabbage head, Gen. Wayne (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Tomatoes (1lb), $2.
Fancy emb. tomato, Gen.Wayne, blu bkgd (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Tomatoes (2lb), $2.
Fancy, emb. tomato, Gen.Wayne, E.B.logo (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Wax beans (cut), $3.
Yello beans,pretty blu bowl, Gen. Wayne (Newark,NY)

WAYNE - Wax Beans (Tiny), $3.
Yellow Beans, vine, blu bkgd, Gen.Wayne (Newark,NY)

Ornate logo: yellow, blue & white; sm. fig. of Roman god Mercury at center (S.F.)

WEST SHORE - Peas, $3.
Cut-glass bowl of Peas, Tropical scene (Newark,NY)

WINSOM - Beans, $2.
White label, blu lett., green bean vine (Newark,NY)

WINSOM - Refugee Beans, $3.
Wh. bkgd, grn.lett,gold trim,grn beans, '06 (Newark,NY)

WINSOM - Tomatoes, $2.
Wh. bkgd, blu lett.,red tomato,emb.,gold tr (Newark,NY)

WINSOM - Wax Beans(Cut), $3.
Wh.label, yelo beans, fancy bowl, blu logo (Newark,NY)

WINSOM - Wax Beans (Wh), $3.
Whole Wax Beans, (gold overprint), 1906 (Newark,NY)

ZUYDER ZEE Asp. spears, $2.
Asp. spears tied w/red,1940's rippled sea, sun (Sacto)

ZUYDER ZEE Asparagus-L, $2.
Plate of cut white & green asp., sea, girl, larger (Sacto)

ZUYDER ZEE Asparagus-s, $2.
Plate of cut green asp., blue sea, sm. Dutch girl (Sacto)

ZUYDER ZEE - Tomatoes, $2.
Red & blue label, white type, red tomatoes (Sacto)

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