Original Antique Apple Crate (Box) Labels

The fruit box nearest in size to Oranges and Lemons is the Apple box. Apple labels also were made in thousands of designs primarily from Washington, with a fair number from California and a smattering from Oregon, British Columbia, Idaho, Colorado and other states. Apple labels are roughly 9" x 11", which makes them slightly smaller and therefore not quite as spectacular as the Citrus labels.

Type Codes:
A=California Apple, Aw=Washington, Aa=Australia, Ao=Oregon, Ac=Canada
A id=Idaho, (d)=Dehydrated, (gp)=gift pack small label usually 1/2 bushel

Label Sizes: All approximately 9" x 11"

* = Slight damage from water, mildew, or fracture

A - PLUS, Type: Aw, $10.
Racy Olympic girl, blk bkgd.,script logo,Std.Fruits (Wenatchee)

Alexander Kielland, Type: Aw, $12.
Early litho, 2 red apples, green bkgd, yellow logo (Cashmere)

ANACO (Blue), Type: A, $2.
Crisp, clean design with deep blue background, red apple (S.F.)

ANACO (Red), Type: A, $2.
Crisp, clean design with bright red background, yelo apple (S.F.)

APPLE A DAY, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue/white 3-D slanted lettering, black bkgd.,red trim (Yakima)

APPLE BLANK, Type: A, $4.
Stock label; nice vista, space for grower, 1 red, 2 yelo apples

APPLE LANE, Type: Aw, $3.
Diagonal orange panel, blu. lett., yel. outline, 1 red, 1 yelo apple, blu. bkgd.(Wenatchee)

APPLETON, Type: A, $8.
Attractive 1915 design, art nouv. lady, apples, vista (Watsonville)

AURORA (Blue), Type: Aw, $2.
2 reds, 1 yelo apple above vista: orchards along river (Dayton)

BABY, Type: Aw, $8.
Bare Baby, reaches from triangle logo, apples, red bkgd.(Seattle)

BAND BOX, Type: Aw, $2.
Apple in clear plastic box, blu bkgd., white & yel. logo.(Wenatch.)

BIG CHIEF, Type: Ac, $10.
Indian in full headdress, lots of color, character (Vernon,BC)

BIG J, Type: A, $2.
Blue bkgd., yellow Big J logo on blue seal, red & gr. apples.(S.F.)

BIRD VALLEY, Type: A, $3.
Black crow perched on blue shield, orange bkgd (Watsonville)

BLEWETT PASS, Type: Aw, $3.
Air view of 1950's road snaking through mountains (Cashmere)

BLUE CHELAN, Type: Aw, $2.
Arched 3-D lett. "Blue Chelan", lt. blu, brn, dk. blu bkgd (Chelan)

BLUE GOOSE, Type: Aw, $2.
Classic Blue Goose silhouette, orange background (Wenatchee)

BLUE LARKSPUR, Type: Aw, $6.
Racehorse w/winner's wreath, blue bkgd., wh. logo (Wenatchee)

BLUE MOUNTAIN, Type: Aw, $6.
Blue mts., orng. sky, blk. trees, red & yel aps. 1bush (Wenatchee)

BLUE T, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd., white 3-d logo, green 3-d"apples",N.F.C.(Wenatchee)

BLUE WINNER, Type: Aw, $3.
Galloping horse/rider leans, trick-picks apple off turf (Okanogan)

BOLERO, Type: Aw, $10.
Spanish dancer, blk bkgd.,L.P.Ginsb.,CA,OR,WA;Br:(Wenatchee)

BOY BLUE, Type: Aw, $2.
Large title, white on blue, small illust. of boy with horn (Wenatch)

BRISKEY, Type: Aw, $3.
Snowy mtn. scene: Naches Pass; apples, yello "V"logo (Naches)

BUDDY (Fresno L.), Type: Aw, $12.
Smiling, chubby-faced boy; blu bkgd,2 aps, Fresno litho(Detroit dist)

BUFFALO, Type: A, $3.
Snorting Buffalo head in circle, shaded white logo (Watsonville)

BUTLER'S PRIDE, Type: Aw, $2.
White/yellow script, 2-tone blu bkgd.,red apple, twig.(Wenatchee)

Blue bkgd., white/green 3-D lettering (Wenatchee)

4 people, carriage, 2 horses, white script logo, K-J,Inc.(New York)

CASCADE (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
1/2 bushel; cute boy w/big smile, apple (Cashmere)

CHELAN BEAUTY, Type: Aw, $2.
Lge. 3-D lett."Chelan Beauty", sm vignette of lake, mts.(Wenatch)

CHELAN BUTTE, Type: Aw, $3.
Yellow/red logo over scenic view, red apple (Chelan Falls)

CHERE BEST, Type: Aw, $2.
White/red 3-D lettering on dark bkgd. with red angle.(Wenatchee)

CIRCLE - G, Type: Aw, $2.
Large white letter G on blue in white circle on red bkgd (Seattle)

CLASEN (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
1/2 bushel; 2 bright red apples, distant orchards, mts (Yakima)

CLIFF, Type: Aw, $4.
Scenic view of orchards, river cliffs & bridge near (Chelan Falls)

Symbolic lady in stars & stripes, holds sword, apple(Wenatchee)

DAHN-D, Type: Aw, $2.
Top hat, gloves, cane, red & white logo, blue bkgd (Wenatchee)

DAINTY MAID - (Blue), Type: Aw, $3.
1950's version, dark haired girl holds apple, blu bkgd.(Wenatch)

DAINTY MAID (Red), Type: Aw, $5.
Cute little blonde girl on red background, 1930's (Wenatchee)

DELIGHT, Type: Aw, $6.
Nice pastel colored scene; snowy mts, apple orchards (Seattle)

Denison's CREST - B, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd., gold script lettering, coat of arms (Wenatchee)

Denison's CREST - R, Type: Aw, $2.
Red Bkgd., yellow script lettering, coat of arms (Wenatchee)

DON'T WORRY, Type: Aw, $2.
Blonde little boy looking askance, apple with bite gone (Yakima)

Don't Worry (older), Type: Aw, $2.
Earlier, less flashy version of above. (What, me worry?) (Yakima)

DUCKWALL, Type: Ao, $15.
Colorful duck, stone wall, blu/yelo bkgd.,wh. lett (Hood River)

EATUM, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd., two red apples, orange lett. simple style.(Wenatchee)

EATUM BLUE, Type: Aw, $2.
Same as EATUM + BLUE + "Wenatchee Valley Apples".(Yakima)

EATUM (Later), Type: Aw, $2.
Redesign of EATUM, yellow logo, red & yellow apples (Yakima)

ELITE, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd., White script ribbon lettering (Wenatchee)

Emmett Valley, Type: A id, $2.
Yellow label, stock 3-apple photo, black imprint (Emmet, ID)

Packing house, trucks, train in valley orchard, apple (Cashmere)

EMPIRE BUILDER (fsp), Type: Aw, $4.
Pkg. house, trucks, train, orchard, (fancy) red panel (Cashmere)

EMPIRE (d), Type: Aw, $3.
Green valley, snowy blue mts.,yellow logo,(evap) 1940(Yakima)

FALLS, Type: Aw, $4.
Red stock label, river, mts, orchards, yel/red apples(Chelan Falls)

FALLS (gp), Type: Aw, $3.
Waterfall at left; blk. bkgd. WWII eagle; yelo/or logo.(Chelan Falls)

FAR WEST, Type: Aw, $10.
Hunter silhouette surveys setting sun, ocean, woods (Seattle)

FARM BELLE, Type: Aw, $4.
Dk. Blue silhouette of girl/bonnet, white burst, or. bkgd (Yakima)

FLAVOR CHEST, Type: Aw, $10.
Treasure chest filled w/NW apples; Victor Joseph Co (New York)

FOOT HILL, Type: Aw, $2.
White/yello/red logo as rays of sunburst; blue bkgd (Wenatchee)

FOUR STAR, Type: Aw, $2.
Large numeral 4, four stars, blu bkgd., orange lett (Cashmere)

Photo: 6 Gravenstein apples on branch, blue bkgd (Sebastopol)

GEE WHIZ, Type: Aw+, $3.
Nice art,Apple, Peach, Apricot , yello type, blu/blk. bkgd (Orondo)

GILT EDGE*, Type: A, $5.
Old litho of 3 apples on blu. circle, with gold rays (Watsonville)

GLACIER PEAK, Type: Aw, $3.
Yel. 3-D logo, sm vig. of mts., snow, apple, blu bkgd.(Wenatchee)

GOLDEN ROD, Type: Aw, $4.
Excellent deco design from Perham flower series (Yakima)

GOLDEN SPUR, Type: Aw, $2.
Brand name coiled in cowboy rope around large spur (Yakima)

GREAT Northwest, Type: Aw, $5.
Primitive mt. goat in red circle on summit, blu bkgd (Wenatchee)

HAMILTON'S, Type: Aw, $2.
Plaid border, 3-D "Hamilton's" in 1940's design (Wenatchee)

HEADLINE, Type: Aw, $3.
Large curved "Headline" radiates; shouting newsboy (Wenatch.)

HEADLINE(w/papers), Type: Aw, $20.
White/orange script logo, newsboy, 3 papers, incl (Wenatchee)

HESPERIAN, Type: Aw, $2.
1930's outline drawing of lady, apple, orange bkgd (Wenatchee)

HI BUV ALL (Blue), Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd.,two red apples on twig, 3-D white lett (Wenatchee)

HI BUV ALL (Yellow), Type: Aw, $2.
Yellow bkgd.,two red apples on twig, 3-D white lett (Wenatchee)

HULA, Type: Aw, $5.
Hawaiian girl (topless) under palm tree holding apple (Seattle)

HY - VALLEY (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
3-D logo curves over vista of mts., river, valley, orchards.(Yakima)

HY-LAND-KIDS, Type: Aw, $6.
Two cute boys climb ladder, pick giant apple (Cowiche)

HY-LAND-KIDS (gp), Type: Aw, $5.
2 cartoon apple kids, big red apple, green bkgd (Cowiche)

HY-TONE, Type: Aw, $2.
3-D,1930's lettering slants up to rt.; small peacock (Wenatchee)

INDEPENDENT (Blue), Type: Aw, $3.
Large, blue Liberty Bell (detailed) blue bkgd.Hood Riv (Yakima)

Independent (N.W.), Type: Aw, $3.
Same as red bkgd below, except Northwest for Hood R.(Yakima)

INDEPENDENT (Red), Type: Aw, $3.
Large, blue Liberty Bell (detailed) red bkgd. Hood Riv (Yakima)

Independent (White), Type: Aw, $3.
Large, blue Liberty Bell (detailed) white bkgd.Northwest.(Yakima)

Independent (Yakima), Type: Aw, $5.
Same as Red bkgd above, except YAKIMA for Hood Riv.(Yakima)

World globe encircled by yellow title on dk. blue bkgd (Portland)

JACK'S, Type: Aw, $5.
"Jack's", white on 4 lge playing card jacks, blu bkgd (Cashmere)

JACKIE BOY, Type: A, $6.
Great art: kid in sailor suit (same artist as Hustler?) (Sebastopol)

JIM DANDY, Type: Aw, $3.
Green bkgd., white logo, packed apple crate, 1921(Wenatchee)

JIM HILL, Type: Aw, $3.
Portrait of R.R. builder (Great Northern) apples, mts (Wenatchee)

JIM WADE, Type: Aw, $2.
1930's type "Jim WADE" slanting up, blk./red bkgd (Wenatchee)

JIM WADE (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
Gift pack size, mini label: 1/2 bushel Christmas gift (Wenatchee)

JO - JO (JF), Type: Aw, $5.
2 lge dice, blue bkgd, or. logo, Justman-Frankenthal (Wenatchee)

JUICY GEMS, Type: Aw, $25.
Diamond upper left; red apple & title on ribbon, Heller. (Wenatch)

K-O, Type: Aw, $10.
Boxing fist & arm punching out of blk. bkgd, blu border (Yakima)

KILE, Type: Aw, $5.
2 red apples, 3-D KILE, blue bkgd (Yakima)

LAKE CHELAN, Type: Aw, $3.
Mountain rimmed lake, apples, yel/white logo, blu bkgd (Chelan)

LAKE Wenatchee (Blu), Type: Aw, $3.
Very pleasant view of lake, cabin, pines, mts, apples.(Cashmere)

LAKE Wenatchee (Brn), Type: Aw, $3.
Very pleasant view of lake, cabin, pines, mts, apples.(Cashmere)

LEGAL TENDER, Type: Aw, $5.
4 crisp bank notes, gold old english logo, blue bkgd.(Wenatchee)

LUCKY STRIKE, Type: A, $6.
Lakeside scene, hunter taking aim at deer,mts,trees.(Watsonville)

MAD RIVER, Type: Aw, $3.
Waterfall, river rapids, forest gr. bkgd.,red logo,apples (Entiat)

MADESKO, Type: A, $2.
Yellow logo on red panel, blue bkgd., two apples (Watsonville)

Merry Christmas (gp), Type: Aw, $4.
Santa Claus & reindeer fly over snowy scene, 2 apples (Yakima)

MISCHIEF, Type: Aw, $4.
Script above cute, curvy, 50's cartoon of indian maid(Wenatchee)

MORJON, Type: A, $2.
Yellow background, blue triangle, red apple, red title (S.F.)

MORJON (Boy), Type: A, $5.
Boy blowing horn, montage of apples, logo, mts., bushes (S.F.)

MOUNTAIN GOAT, Type: Aw, $3.
Snow-white Mountain Goat stands on high granite crag (Chelan)

MR. APPLE, Type: Aw, $3.
Smiling, top hatted apple head, with glasses, blu bkgd (Yakima)

MT.HOOD, Type: Ao, $35.
Sunset view, snow-covered Mt. Hood, trees, lake (Hood River)

MY TREAT, Type: Aw, $3.
White/blu script logo; photo:1 yello, 2 red apples (Yakima)

NEW DEAL, Type: Aw, $5.
Stud poker hand showing 4 top cards of royal flush (Wenatchee)

NORTH COUNTRY, Type: Aw, $3.
Photo 3 apples, 3-D white logo, Stadelman Fruit Co.(Wenatchee)

NUCHIEF (Cartoon), Type: Aw, $4.
Later version with cartoon Indian kid holding apple (Wenatchee)

NUCHIEF (Loop-Loop), Type: Aw, $3.
Early design, shows indian, mini Loop Loop label,(A) (Wenatch)

O - FINE - O, Type: Aw, $3.
Orange/blue script on blk. bkgd., two red apples (Wenatchee)

O K Brand, Type: Aw, $3.
Big red apple between yellow O and K; grn. bkgd (Chelan Falls)

OAK GLEN, Type: A, $4.
3 big red apples on twig; blue bkgd.; r&w title (Oak Glen)

Old RE-LI-ABLE, Type: Aw, $3.
Red background, white lettering, no illustration (Wenatchee)

OLD RELIABLE, Type: A co, $25.
Great hunting dog on point afield, red bkgd.,white lett (Delta,CO)

OLNEY & FLOYD-Corn, Type: Corn, $20.
Beautiful, ornate border, red bkgd (9x10") large ear of sugar corn (Westernville, NY)

PACIFIC (gp), Type: Aw, $3.
Blu/blk bkgd,three apples on stem, leaves, wh. logo (Seattle)

Golden Gate Bridge, 2 Gravenstein apples, PFE logo (S.F.)

PARADISE (Bird), Type: A, $12.
Fancy bird with long tail (Bird of Paradise?) (No city)

PAT HAND, Type: Aw, $5.
Poker hand shows top 4 cards / royal flush; 2 red apples(Yakima)

PENOKA, Type: Ac, $3.
Red apple w/crown above early vista of orchards (Vernon,B.C.)

PETE'S BEST, Type: Aw, $3.
Handsome blond boy, pale yelo bkgd., blk & red logo (Yakima)

PETE'S BEST (gp), Type: Aw gp, $2.
Miniature of standard label for gift pack (1/2 bushel) (Yakima)

PETER PAN, Type: Aw, $10.
Pan sitting in apple tree above slanted logo, apples (Wenatch)

Pioneer Sp. Pack, Type: A, $2.
Stock design of 3 colors apples, shield logo (Sacramento)

PLEN tee color (Blue), Type: Aw, $4.
Blue/yelo shaded title, 40's girl with indian headband (Wapato)

PLEN tee color (Red), Type: Aw, $4.
Red/yelo shaded title, 40's girl with indian headband (Wapato)

PORT HUON, Type: Aa, $2.
Dk. blue bkgd, red apple, yello title arched over top (Tasmania)

PREMIUM, Type: A, $3.
3 Apples (red,yel,green) blue diag. panel, red bkgd (Watsonville)

1-1/2 red apples, shows pure center, or. logo, blu bkgd (Yakima)

RALPH'S, Type: Aw, $3.
Map of Washington locates Yakima; apples, blue bkgd (Yakima)

RED APPLE, Type: Aw, $2.
3 Red Apples on dk blu bkgd. white & yello title (Cashmere)

RED LABEL, Type: Aw, $3.
2 big red apples over primitive vista (Wenatchee)

RED STAR, Type: A, $5.
Large Red Star, gold edge, white lettering (Watsonville)

REDMAN (Blue), Type: Aw, $4.
Strong Indian, cave drawings, apples left, blue bkgd (Wenatch)

REDMAN (Red), Type: Aw, $4.
Strong Indian, cave drawings, apples left, red bkgd (Wenatch)

REPETITION Apple, Type: Aw, $4.
Triplicate of boy and box of apples, label threepeats (Yakima)

RIVAS, Type: Aw, $2.
White script, blue outline, blue circle, red/blue bkgd (Wenatchee)

ROSE APPLES, Type: Aw, $3.
Nice pink roses, grn. leaves on dk blue, white logo (Wenatchee)

SAILS, Type: Aw, $5.
Great sailboat (ketch) at sea; good design, yel. logo.(Wenatchee)

SAPPHIRE, Type: Aw, $3.
Gold ring, big blue stone, blue bkgd.,wh/red 3-D lett.(Wenatchee)

SCARLET SPICE, Type: Aw, $3.
Large red apple photo; shaded blue/white 3-D lett (Wenatchee)

Sebastopol Quality, Type: A, $3.
Apples, twig, oval panel, yello logo, purple bkgd (Sebastopol)

Sebastopol Queen, Type: A, $2.
Cartoon figure of happy apple-head queen, black bkgd (Graton)

SEEKAMP, Type: Aw, $2.
Orange coat of arms on white between blue panels (Seattle)

SILVER SPUR, Type: Aw, $3.
Brand name coiled in cowboy rope, large Silver Spur (Yakima)

SIR APPLE, Type: A, $5.
Cartoon of man in formal attire, monocle; 3 apples (Watsonville)

SKOOKUM, Type: Aw, $3.
Cartoon head of indian mascot, blue or green bkgd (Chelan)

SNOBOY (gp), Type: Aw, $20.
Early (1925) design: snowman/hat behind big red apple.(Seattle)

SNOBOY Newer (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
Red ear-muffed young snow man holding big red apple.(Yakima)

SNOW - LINE, Type: A, $4.
Brightly colored apple orchard, high Sierras of So.Calif.(Yucaipa)

SNOW OWL (Blue), Type: Aw, $4.
White owl, dark blue bkgd, '20's deco design & typog (Yakima)

SNOW OWL (Red), Type: Aw, $4.
White owl, bright red bkgd.,'20's deco design & typog (Yakima)

SPORTSMAN, Type: Aw, $9.
Hunter silhouette; distant view of mountains, lake, sky (Chelan)

STADELMAN'S, Type: Aw, $2.
Orange bkgd., green lettering, red seal, 2 apples (Wenatchee)

STADELMANS (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
Orange bkgd., green lettering, red seal, 2 apples;1/2 bu.(Yakima)

STAG, Type: A(co), $25.
3 big apples, Stag's head, fncy blu logo, yello bkgd (Paonia, CO)

STATE SEAL - ID (B), Type: A id, $3.
Idaho State Seal on dk. blue bkgd., red border (Emmet)

STATE SEAL - ID (R), Type: A id, $3.
Idaho State Seal on red bkgd., dk. blue border (Emmet)

STATE SEAL - WA (gp), Type: Aw, $2.
Washington's portrait, green logo, 6x8", blu bkgd (Seattle)

STATE SEAL - WA (S), Type: Aw, $15.
1st pres.in circle; early version;2 lt. blu borders;PF&PCo(Seattle)

STATE SEAL - WA (Y), Type: Aw, $5.
1st pres. in circle; 3-d grn. logo; blu bkgd. PGRCo (Yakima)

Yelo & red streaked logo, feathered arrow above 2 red apples, blue bkgd (Yakima)

SUMMIT, Type: A, $4.
Snow-covered mountains, forest,(same size as pear) (Colfax)

SURETY, Type: Aw, $10.
Early lith. Steamship sails down Columbia R., mts, trees.(Yakima)

SWAN, Type: Aw, $6.
White Swan in 1920's design, black bkgd. Perham (Yakima)

SWEET SUE, Type: Aw, $25.
Young '30's woman on 3-apple bkgd., white logo (Wenatchee)

TAYLOR MAID, Type: Aw, $3.
Young blond girl looks through "T" in logo; blu bkgd.(Wenatchee)

TOPAZ, Type: Aw, $5.
Red label w/radiant gem; white title,"O"=jewel;Dahn (Wenatchee)

TOUCHET Valley, Type: Aw, $3.
Red & golden apples on same tree, vista: orchards, hills.(Dayton)

TROUT, Type: Aw, $5.
Beautiful Rainbow trout jumping out of blue bkgd (Chelan)

Plain or. bkgd, blu. border, AFG logo, black letters (Wenatchee)

TWIN WW, Type: Aw, $2.
Blue bkgd., red circle, white "Twin WW Brand" (Wenatchee)

U LIKE UM, Type: Aw, $8.
Indian motif; horseback hunter w/bow chasing deer, WWII eagle logo, blu bk.(Cashmere)

UNCLE SAM, Type: Aw, $6.
Great Uncle Sam holding top hat, red, grn or blue bkgd (Wapato)

UP NORTH, Type: Aw, $5.
'50's cartoon: Eskimo kid hands apple fr. top of N. Pole (Oroville)

UP - RIVER, Type: Aw, $10.
3 red apple photo; blk. bkgd., white logo slanted up (Wenatchee)

WALDORF, Type: Aw, $2.
Green-suited bell-hop brings huge red apple on tray (Yakima)

WASHINGTON*(d), Type: Aw, $3.
R/W/B bkgd,shield vignette shows George on horseback(Yakima)

WEBSTER (Blue), Type: Ao, $2.
Spider web stretched over dk. blue bkgd., logo (Hood River)

WEBSTER (Red), Type: Ao, $2.
Spider web stretched over red bkgd., logo (Hood River)

Wenatch. Blu. Seal, Type: Aw, $5.
2 red apples on big Blue Seal in center of red label (Wenatchee)

WENATCHEE(Etc.), Type: Aw, $2.
Three colored panels: "Wenatchee, Chelan, Oroville" (Wenatch)

Wenatchee Valley, Type: Aw, $5.
Black lettering on brass plaque, red apples in bkgd (Wenatchee)

WENOKA, Type: Aw, $5.
Indian brave profile on arrowhead; blu bkgd.,yelo logo.(Wenatch)

WILKO, Type: Aw, $3.
Red apple on yellow bkgd.,white script logo (Seattle,SF)

WILKO, Type: Aw, $5.
Yellow apple on red bkgd., white script logo (Seattle,Portland)

WINGED WHEEL, Type: A, $3.
Red bkgd., yello arched letters, speedy gold wheel w/wings.(S.F.)

YAKIMA CHIEF (d), Type: Aw, $6.
Sneering Chief: full-feathered portrait, blu. & or. bkgd (Yakima)

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