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Once, a long time ago, great time and care was taken in the creation of labels for crates used to identify the growers of fine fruits and vegetables. Now few examples remain of that by-gone area...

In any mass food packing operation, whether it is fresh fruit like oranges, pears and apples or canned fruits and vegetables, hundreds of thousands of labels are produced before the packing season starts, without precise knowledge of how many will be required. Consequently, there were always a few, and sometimes a lot of labels left over after the season ended. These "remainders" are the source of today's label collections. They have been gathered together from canners and packers, shippers, printers, lithographers, and grower's families, as well as early collectors. All are original, unused, authentic labels which never made it to the can or box which they were intended to identify.
by Bill Gaylord
Together they form a graphic, cultural history of the life and times our country has passed through in the last century. Our labels are as old as 100, or as new as just a few years, but the great majority are from the '20's, '30's, '40's, and '50's. The price is determined by age, rarity, graphic appeal and subject matter. Most people use the images to decorate their kitchens or offices. Label collectors have formed clubs in various parts of the United States to get together and swap labels and information. One of the oldest and best organizations is the Citrus Label Society in the Los Angeles area. They can be contacted c/o Noel Gilbert, Secretary/Treasurer, 131 Miramonte Dr., Fullerton, CA 92635.

Fortunately, we have taken the time to gather together a definitive collection of these labels. For sale we have rare, high-quality collectible labels from Apple crates, Cans, Citrus crates, Lug Boxes, Pear crates, and Vegetable crates. And for those who wish to learn more on the history of Agri-Lithography, there are some books that we can recommend on the subject.

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